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  • lisahochstein#nyc #phd @drhochstein #city #lights #skyline

  • theeventgroupfl❤❤❤ @lisahochstein @drhochstein
  • eringobragh3984@lisahochstein your hubby is doing surgery on my aunt today!! Can't wait to see her results. ❤️✌️@drhochstein
  • mariiaa__luvvYou are gorgeous on the outside but especially on the inside! You are a REAL inspiration to me..I can only hope I'm lucky enough to meet you someday..God Bless <3 @lisahochstein
  • saintofsoles@lisahochstein hey girl are you staying at the dream hotel , would love to meet you- you're amazing and definitely the best housewife out there
  • lindsay_raider@lisahochstein are u there tn?! We have to Hang!!!
  • betttthhhhhxShe got big boobs
  • blackwidowbeeotchYa'll are hot!!
  • latinaheat1Beautiful inside and out !! Praying u too finally get pregnant ! 👼🙏 @lisahochstein
  • bergenator2015I have to tell you something. I know carrying your own child seems like it will be this amazing experience and it Will make you feel bonded with your growing baby. I thought that too. Then I got pregnant and realized it's not really like that at all. In fact its more uncomfortable and painful and after a while you just want to get it over with. The best part of it all is your baby and being a mom after pregnancy and child birth is over with. Seeing your child grow and smile at you is the real deal. Trust me. Being pregnant isn't all its cracked up to be. Raising your child is. Hugs.
  • andranikca@lisahochstein after just watching tonight's episode I love you even more. Good for you for standing up to Anna and the rest of the Cuban gang.
  • lilzayasI agree with @andranik86 Ana is horrible, glad she's off the show. Next season they should 86 Adriana and keep Mama Elsa rather than her daughter. Love @lisahochstein and @leablackmiami. Alexia and Joanna are ok. Come on @bravotv, @andycohen and Purveyors of Pop. Miami is way too good to have all that ugliness
  • rebecka33You are my favorite housewife @lisahochstein love you!! You keep it real and so positive 😘🙌
  • cindralooAna is a mean and bitter nasty woman..love you Lisa!
  • sabrina231Love this pic!! Awesome power couple!!
  • catts21You r so gorg!! Hands down def. the HOTTEST housewife!! Loved last nites ep.
  • tinyfitnisha@lisahochstein you are SO SO sweet!!!! Your personality is amazing!! Screw Ana! She got involved in drama and needed to pick on someone!!
  • mardinjabbarSo gorgeous, love you guys @lisahochstein
  • jbnet41Chicago love you you r a great person and friend your husband truly Love you
  • joyep115Cute pic off you two!
  • ubaldomarylouYou look great together
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