• rokzmorenoMandy u know i alwayz say everything u do is gay so here it goes "gay" lol but u kno im jk I love it. I think it lookz great love the idea <3
  • yay_me_@rokzmoreno lmfaoooo and that is why I love your crazy ass! Hahaha thank your fortune cookie!!<3
  • rokzmorenoLol im glad loved:-* u kno I love u lotz to and I gotta b honest when u act gay but Itz for ur own good lol jk ur very welcome ma:) now im just wondering if ull get one with me that says " gay" in big Bold letters with a rainbow aside from it hahahaha lmfao Na im jk jk ma im just messn with u anywayz love the tatt...
  • yay_me_@rokzmoreno Oh hell yeah I would!!! We should get it on our forehead!!! It would be the most amazingest tattoo in the world! Bitches would be jealous hahaha xD
  • rokzmorenoLmfao hahahahahaha ohhhh helll yeah ju already kno thiz bitchz hate all da time mira is only cuzz we beautiful ju kno they gotta hate on all thiz hahaha jk jk
  • yay_me_@rokzmoreno giiiirl you take the words right out of my mouth hahaha
  • rokzmorenoLmfao hahaha what can I say thatz what happens when I'm ur fortune cookie lol.-)
  • yay_me_@rokzmoreno hahaha
  • rokzmorenoLol.)
  • petepfister@katedemps
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