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  • shiekhWe restock for our grand openings. Come to our palace! #shiekhshoes

  • _fatherofbrae_They only had 10 pairs of each shoe..major bullshit #bullshit bullshit @shiekhshoes
  • alex_louridoDamn....you guys are only in LA? Come to Philly and east coast
  • lordbyron6000Thank you @shiekhshoes and that's me on the video btw. Just sucks I couldn't get the bel airs
  • ynnam1@bthabigga1 9 actually
  • _fatherofbrae_@mmannyy man that's horrible lol
  • kanye_east21It means you can't keep your word @shiekhshoes SMH
  • lordbyron6000There were dudes camping out since 3am and got nothing... @dollarsigns562
  • retropen23😳😳😳😳😳
  • hambreezy@iloveshoes2 earlier
  • clueheffner@ayteel we save none for our friends.... i couldn't even get my pair it could be fair for the ppl in line bro...
  • _fatherofbrae_@ayteel I saw @clueheffner talkin to cats in the front and the back...I'm sure they were selling to friends..saw cats with 6 boxes and only 4 ppl but it was 1 shoes per person.. #bullshit #fakeasfuck
  • clueheffnerLol funny... @bthabigga1 the ppl i know was at the end of the line and bought the last two size 14s.....
  • signifieAny left overs?????
  • elchapohueroHhaa we took all 7 pairs of bel airs Lmfaooo
  • lordbyron6000I feel you bro. @ayteel
  • blackstar118HAHAHAHA bell airs? Oh god... U guys need to upgrade on shoes. Ain't nobody got time for basic shit. How about the harder shit. I'm talking about extremely hyped up shit that is worth a car. See now ur fuckin talking and have something to argue about. I believe @clueheffner if they had a chance to screw everyones pair. You wouldn't even know it. Ahah .. People enjoy the opening and stop blaming employees just because u couldn't lock yours down. :) wake up early next time ahaha
  • shiekh@Blackstar118 @byocz96 ayteelwhat we respect all feed back. Instead of a first come first serve type release like today, what do you feel would work better? Someone brought up to me today to announce it on Instagram and randomly select people from the replies. Also, what should be a deciding factor on what sneakers to release for a small restock (but please be realistic we are not going to restock pairs worth a car for a small opening like this one) when we do these opening events? I'm all for suggestions but criticizing won't make a change. Literally, I'm here to listen and help change things for future events. Your feed back is appreciated guys.
  • blackstar118So many ways to win a pair and yet so many ways to rigg it in the future. Matter of truth is you guys need to understand that us customers are assholes. We will point fingers and shit. No matter what we say it'll never be enough for anyone, But I'm thinking why not? Here's my idea. Post a picture up for the release on a "rule" option. Say picture one for this years 11's , you post a "raffle" as option #1 on the caption. The people that like the pic is voting for that specific rule, then u post the second pic which has a different set of rules let's say "first come first serve RSVP". Then on whatever picture gets the most likes wins that rule. announce it so people know what is going on and later on post another pic giving out more information on the winning rule. you have to keep us THIRSTY AF with the shoe but letting us know how it goes down with no bs. You do that money follows We will vote but u guys are in command at all times on how the shoe can be available. That's my thought but keep it mind. Gives us asshole customers comfort that we played by the rules and everything was fair. @shiekhshoes
  • lordbyron6000Just let us know before hand how many pairs u guys are holding.@shiekhshoes no more raffles pls... I'm from the east coast and I just moved out here 3 months ago. And back home we always do first come first serve
  • shiekh@blackstar118 @byocz96 thank you for that feedback, it's really appreciated.
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