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  • michaelbubleAnd the boys rocking it to #Prince #seven #MBWorldTour tonight!! #party

  • marcia.sasha💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍
  • jamieb_123I love love loved your show! It was amazing!! Definitely will be going again! You are truly entertaining!! Thanks for such a wonderful experience!! :)
  • khlobugsmomYou were AMAZING!!! Oh my gosh I can't wait for you to come back to NC def best $ I've ever spent in my life! 6th row was incredible and it was an outstanding show! You're awesome!!! @michaelbuble
  • candygirl128When r u singing, quando quando quando
  • moonlightstudiosartI'm from Charlotte, and I went to that concert!!!
  • begoaliaga9Can't wait to see you in Miami!!!
  • ashley1130Your show in Charlotte blew my mind!! Just what my husband and I needed to remind of us our wedding! We did a special dance to "close your eyes" yes I cried. Outstanding!!
  • im_no_tourist@michaelbuble Hi mate, my name is Jake Fox and I'm from Auckland, New Zealand. I've just read that you will be touring Australia next year..is that right? I've been searching up when you'll be coming to New Zealand, but I don't know if that's a plan, is it ? My girlfriend is a huge fan, we just got engaged and her birthday is next year April 19th so I really want to surprise her with a Michael buble concert!! I totally understand if I don't get a response, no problem, I understand you'd be very busy :) also, do you have any idea if there will be backstage passes available and how much? Would absolutely make her birthday!!! Better start saving ha ha. Thank you so much for your time today reason my message, I will look forward to your reply. I hope to talk soon :) God bless @michaelbuble
  • katemcgaffin@doctor_dove
  • ymoixx@xyzsmile love this song
  • sweetlittlehouse
  • wr_laura@xyzsmile Whats it called?
  • morgansheaprice@lelabelle525
  • leah_borders@morgansheaprice Stop. I can't handle this.
  • looshswooshI wish I could've been there!!
  • larryandlaura👍👏
  • katmandu1127@sgdtad you'll like this.
  • cenzaa@purplerenny my man singing your mans work ☺️
  • purplerenny@cenzaa Haha! Love it! Of course no one does it like MY man but this is dope too!
  • pretty_lady65@gripwalters yes he came here and I saw his performance AMAZING!
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