No it's THIS #danielleshalloweenball #indiansdontsmile Happy Birthday Mini D! @danielleleemarie
  • dinamanzoNo it's THIS #danielleshalloweenball #indiansdontsmile Happy Birthday Mini D! @danielleleemarie

  • dreams1979if someone put on a traditional Indian (East Indian) outfit I wouldn't be insulted at all. Everyone wears Bollywood attire allllll the time and their not Indian. So should people freak out and say its disrespectful? No! Cause it's not point is she's not a racist and has a pure heart. Let the woman enjoy Halloween! Damn 😒
  • _allisonivy_everyone's so sensitive these days ... Buck up! You look adorbs
  • dreams1979@mplstish if there was a way to dress up as "Italian" for Halloween I would 😜 and I doubt @dinamanzo would give a shit
  • jennifer216melIt always turn racial. .. unbelievable
  • goldenlox_18I'm a descendant of Pocahontas, blonde and NOT offended at all. You look stunning!
  • caseysupperlipJersey cheese balls. Barf.
  • _boooga_looOmg @mplstish you're just tryna start shit, go home its been a costume option for years people dress as dead brides, priests, nuns, pimps is every costume offensive? it's Halloween that's what your supposed to do dress up , and people do dress like.Italian mobsters and the Jersey shore members who are Italian, you simply want attention unfollow her as easy as u commented
  • venus2407Looking great! Love your costume...forget the haters!
  • sweet_audrinaI love your costume @dinamanzo !! Stunning as usual ;)
  • sonya_m_gKey word here is intent! Is it malicious, no? I don't know @dinamanzo but from what I can tell her heart always seems to be in the right place. I watched the show and her design show, and Instagram etc etc!! Lol ;) 😳
  • alyeden@kuddlz01 I'm Native American too and I'm not offended. Get a life.
  • herbaheather850915@kuddlz01 You need to take a chill pill. If it were offensive there wouldn't be Native American costumes being sold anywhere. Get real, it's Halloween.
  • bethtiger@dinamanzo I need help looking that EPIC dressed in costume. Go you Goddess. Xx
  • bethtigerPS ... No one should judge another for self expression of a culture or tradition if they are coming from love and consciousness - we will pray for that 💖
  • witchysisters@dinamanzo my best friend and her boyfriend Mario are there at the brownstone as well celebrating her bday. Have fun.
  • kuddlz01I wasn't talking about her costume I was talking about the indians don't smile hash tag. Good lord people..just wanted to clarify that before I unfollow her.
  • chaber25Pretty Dina😌
  • dalebeans@dinamanzo @danielleleemarie Great costumes!!! Gorgeous as always!!!
  • marlanamafilleTerrible costume. Get some class and stop sexualizing Native American women. Beyond offensive. Just because your not educated on why it is indeed offensive doesn't mean that it isn't. I really thought that you would be above that @dinamanzo, being in the public eye an all. Ugh, I'm disgusted.
  • sailingaway78Indians don't smile? Wth does that even mean so dumb
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