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  • tylerflorenceOne last quick ricotta recipe. More of an idea than recipe, slice a baguette open, through the middle, on it's side. You'll see what I mean. Toast it in the oven, add a ton of olive oil. Smear fresh, room temp ricotta from one end to the other. What you put on top is up to you. Figs, prosciutto, onions Agro Dolce, Calabrian Chili, Marjoram, Olive Oil, Heavy Pepper. Whatever.. Great dish for a cocktail party. Comes together in a snap. That's it... Cheese week is over, 15 amazing recipes that start with the DNA of all cheeses. You'll see the recipes in my book Tyler Florence Test Kitchen, out next fall. Next Week we jump into EGGS!!! Should be fun. Have a great weekend!!! Lots of love.. TF #tftestkitchen

  • amygrendellThis book will be a must have...I can tell already!
  • larainebowbrite@lburgat
  • 1pazzaideaRicotta pairs best with other delicate flavours otherwise you lies the taste if the cheese. Never prosciutto with ricotta.
  • cakepegThis will be a buy! Your "Tyler Ultimate" recipes are my go-to as well.
  • chynee.jpgAbsolutely love! Enjoyed all recipes. Looking forward to next week!
  • chuckhustleThat's like a mile of awesome
  • itskaylicakes@t3ddybee
  • chedogazdaOmg tyler
  • _someweirdoNext fall :(
  • asc339Been loving our #figs with any #cheese!
  • clauny23Ommmmmmmmyyyyyyy!
  • oohfancythatCannot wait for the book...your #tftestkitchen pics/videos are incredibly informative, smart, creative, novel, and saliva-inducing!
  • carleenoThx Tyler! Loving these videos!!
  • beewadAhhhhhhhmazing!
  • artiegrams@jennaclarebear
  • kateandcampbell11with my (your) ricotta, i made this baguette by adding orange marmalade. best breakfast!👏👏
  • lili76that was a fun lesson week ...T
  • tinaml@brooke1812 check this out!!!
  • rvolpe@mack_mill_s @lindsaybird84 the things I would do for this right now
  • castironkitchen@johndon707 this is the one I was looking for
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