Game Time!!! #CP3wears
  • cp3Game Time!!! #CP3wears

  • neww.waveChris Paul u just that guy good inspiration respect your skills and how u play it be honor for u to follow back say something and clippers all day @cp3
  • xking_johnSwag swg
  • 6pacdJust asking how can i improve on my game @cp3
  • teamgreen__h_a@princesaa2 de el son tus Js
  • philip_artwongCool
  • therealtrippyNow all you need is a good barber @cp3 get at me when ur ready ✊✊
  • lolo_swagggCan u please tell Jamal Crawford that I said happy birthday and my birthday is on the same day as him so happy Birthday to him and to me and my name is Loren and I love the clippers and cp3
  • stanislav1301Стильно
  • prince__key_Chris Paul and cliff Paul are the same people bcuz Chris Paul is wearing glasses and cliff Paul wears glasses too @everybody
  • rontwotimeeChris Paul I'm am your number one fan every basket ball team I played on I was number 3 just cause of u u strive me to work and work on all my handle from your number one fan Ronald
  • ejj.7Icey👌😍
  • cp3.jrRonron_ball_islife
  • cp3.jrIs a big liar please except my following request and I'm ur number one fan
  • kimmie6980Chris ur wife is pretty
  • hespliff@_finitoo he be fresherrrr
  • _mjx7swaggers
  • alejandrove98You are the best
  • link_andrewChris u r my hero. Stay fresh.
  • jmomey24Hook me up
  • rap_music_21I want them to......
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