Sometimes I wonder why?
  • titoortiz1999Sometimes I wonder why?

  • im_thekingcobraDammm
  • berngillespieSorry about neck - maybe time to take up golf
  • fasteddymusicCut the guy a break. Injuries happen. Besides I'm sure he would rather get paid and fight than sit on the sidelines. Hope your recovery is swift. Sorry to hear about your injury.
  • sr_iii@therealeddiealvarez I heard Jenna had him in the wheel barrel with a strap on and dropped him on his neck
  • the_jweHhahhaha tito is ass with his lay and pray dry humping tactics. Nigga you is garbage Rampage vs. Tyrone Spong is a way better fight anyways. I'll go pay to see Tyrone not your garbage ass tho..
  • the_jweCut this motherfucker from Bellator and send his ass to One Fc.
  • greatbrandonioGet better champ I want to see you fight again.
  • joeyg1381@titoortiz1999 your health is most important get better! Thankyou for all your fights ! U will rise again!
  • vanilla_gorilla___Get well soon peoples champ
  • salmanahmedProbably to not get your old ass kicked
  • dannyc_24Titos a bitch and fuck all u sensitive people defending his old sorry ass. I just wasted my fucking money. Thanks @titoortiz1999 !!!!
  • naastickWas looking forward to seeing you fight again. Sorry for your misfortune. Ignore the haters and keep being you.
  • tytaf0925Your health is what is most important! Your life with your boys comes first and they need you healthy! If you are meant to fight again you will, but right now focus on you! Love and respect to you Sir!!! xoxoxo
  • oilfield_badcoYo vato, ignore those pendejos talking trash and get better vato. Keep your head up and keep on keeping on vato. Stay strong, stay brown, and fuck those haters dawg.
  • valetudo56Get better, really didn't want u guys to scrap but rather see u 2 train again like the old days of rampage slams & ortiz gnp but u got ur kids 2 be healthy for not the shxt talkers
  • xo.lovemoPraying for you. Everything truly does happen for a reason. Some people are so ignorant, ignore the negativity. You're an awesome father & your health is priority... Your boys NEED you. Hang in there, everything will fall in place, its all in a matter of time.
  • mrsfate2016Saying prayers for a speedy recovery. It does happen for a reason. You have two boys who need their Papa in one peace.
  • ilyonealPraying for a quick recovery. It all happens for a reason, one day maybe you will see why. It all falls into place. As much as I wanted to see this fight, what I love seeing more is how you are raising your sons as such a dedicated and consistent father. You enjoy and make the most of their childhood. Life is in the little moments, I often tell myself. Stay strong Tito.
  • fitgirl_lexiloves74Just keep moving forward. Nutrition, clothing, training promoting, be an amazing father god will show you your path 🙏
  • centerfold503It's been so long but I would love to hear from you. You should call me. @titoortiz1999
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