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  • tylerflorenceHomemade Ricotta Cheese. 1 gal of cream, 1/2 c. Of lemon juice. Wait 20 minutes... #cheeseweek #tftestkitchen

  • aelloellioYesss!
  • mivigliottiAdd the juice when it gets to about 180 correct?
  • _devalencia@aalexxr lo que vamos hacer pa tener un monton
  • kkraderAwesome Tyler !!
  • sandalyn05This is wonderful. I'm going to have to try this!
  • tylerflorenceGuys... This didn't work. Don't try it. 100% cream as too much fat. Won't curdle. Next try is going to be 3 parts whole milk and 1 part cream.
  • fooddr@tylerflorence chef you want to use 2quarts homo milk or 2% milk, but homo is Better, to every quart of milk you want 1/2 cup 35% cream, and 2 tbls of citric acid, preferably lemon juice.. Good luck, let me know what you think, I use all the time
  • apartment_34Excited for my first @wayfaretavern experience tonight!!
  • mivigliotti@fooddr I heat my milk up to around 180 then add the acid.
  • aaronplasLol
  • fooddr@mivigliotti yeah, I heat to 165, I ding 180 to hot.. But that still works
  • mivigliottiI try to get it to that moment it's about to start dancing @fooddr
  • fooddrYeah I know what you mean, most of the time , because I've done it so much, it's just love!! @mivigliotti
  • letty_eadHow do you make this in smaller batches
  • debsampsonhorsepetartistSo what happened to the contest?
  • mmmm_tartsScale it down from his measurements..... @winter_1974
  • geneveivehope@mmmm_tarts Haha.
  • chefgirl358Ina Garten has a killer recipe I always use, heat 1 Qt whole milk, 1 t. Kosher salt and 2 C heavy cream to boil. Shut off, stir in 3T. White wine vinegar. Let stand 1 minute then strain through cheesecloth lined sieve until desired thickness, I let it go for an hour.
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