TBT....Mom's throwing out first pitch.#seattlemariners
  • therealkengriffeyjrTBT....Mom's throwing out first pitch.#seattlemariners

  • maxximusm@therealkengriffeyjr I might be a New Yorker but you were my baseball hero growing up. Please come to NY as a batting coach! The Mets really need the help!
  • theeatticcollectorOl'skol!
  • gatormattThe reason I played baseball is because of you Mr Griffey Jr. Looking forward to seeing you inducted to the Hall of Fame soon enough!!
  • alostmelodyYou are truly an inspiration and the reason I rock 24 to this day
  • maxximuhneckThe greatest of all time.. Made the game look easy, always played the game with a smile. The game hasn't been the same since you left. Your names never been involved in steroids, or any controversy, always have been a role model. A True Class Act. Thanks Junior. @therealkengriffeyjr
  • courtsidejackSome of my fondest memories as a kid was watchin the M's with my grandparents. The kid with the nicest swing in baseball, Cora, buhner, the big unit, Dan Wilson, Edgar, the wild man norm Charlton, the awesome mariners commercials, Dave niehaus, my oh my.....
  • bsbllisme_10@therealkengriffeyjr u are one the best players in MLB history u were great #best #in #the #league loved u at left field and killer not hits but rips
  • papamesilleOmg @therealkengriffeyjr one of my favorite player
  • honrothtylerI remember as a little kid no older then 5 you threw me up a baseball you caught in the outfield.. Highlight of my child hood then you came back to Seattle as a teenager watching you play Griffey thanks for everything you've done on the field but most importantly off the field you'll be the first player I tell my kids I got to watch Griffey play with the m's in the kingdome! Thanks for the ball maybe one day I can have you sign it! @therealkengriffeyjr
  • tiokremas@freeqloco7
  • freeqloco7Uuuuuuggghh @tiokremas
  • junior01_02best swing in baseball
  • b__honda@therealkengriffeyjr this is a special picture ken
  • austingood_8Ik u won't ever reply but ur my idol one day I'm gna b just like u mr ken Griffey jr
  • mr.base_ballKeep your day job.
  • lizz_merritt@therealkengriffeyjr you have always been an idol in our house. We named our little brother @griff_adam52 after you! And we still love our Mariners!
  • jonesvikkMs. Bertie!!!
  • all4seGoat
  • candystripeswag@griffeythedood can't wait to meet her mom @marissarobyn
  • j.manuell3@therealkengriffeyjr You made me proud to be a lefty. You are my baseball idol. You are the reason I enjoyed baseball so much; the reason I always wanted to play the outfield. You are the reason 24 has always been my favorite number. Growing up my glove HAD to be a Ken Griffey Jr. Pro Model, or nothing. It had to have your signature on it. Even though it wasn't your real signature, I was proud to have that glove. I was never fortunate enough to see you play in person, but I would always stay up to watch the late night games. The fireworks in the Kingdome after you'd blast a HR are forever embedded in my brain. Your game is forever missed. Thank You for being a positive role model not only to myself, but to the game! You are forever deserving. #HOF #swingman
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