This stuff melts my little heart. Kermie worm and marble plushies
  • jennamarblesThis stuff melts my little heart. Kermie worm and marble plushies

  • darci2072It's Kermit
  • ayeeitslaaurennLike the drawing I did of uu
  • mymahogany_budd
  • annnnashOhh sweet
  • averyalexiukJenna I don't know if you will ever read this but me and my best friend really like you!
  • hdjdbsjsJenna me and my friend have a channel based on you. We love you!! You are our girl crushes! 😘😍❤️
  • debb_loSweet!
  • harriet.lucieSo cute💕
  • selenagrozmezAww SOO cute!!💕💘💕💋💋
  • maddidav2Pitbull! Yay!
  • erndrmThat looks exactly like my puppy
  • moose4409@jennamarbles I like your pit bull
  • randompics6589Is that an American bulldog @jennamarbles
  • doglover20032003Pitbulls are awesome the people who train them to fight are the idiots so owners of a Pitbull u have to train them right cause if u train them to fight its ur fault u taught it to there just pretecting u and if u teach it to fight its your fault u tought it's not the dogs fault u trained it mean it's gonna be mean get my point people who make pit bulls fight u taught them u should be in jail the pit bulls should stay don't band them put the people who fight put bulls in jail and train the dog proper ally so do it lily
  • doglover20032003?
  • maya_bianconiI want one so bad 😔
  • e.doboks@myowndisco looks like our princesss👑
  • klairarayI love pit bulls
  • ambershadenorrisYou da bomb girl. Keep being super cute and weird (in a good way)
  • shitwolf_@ladypink8217
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