Up early,kissed my babies and now headed to the airport! @HawaiiFive0CBS
  • heatherdubrowUp early,kissed my babies and now headed to the airport! @HawaiiFive0CBS

  • tracibingham1Meant MORE OF. YOUR WORK!!!!! PLease forgive my autocorrect is horrible! ! Xoxo ;)
  • 1234ottaHeather you are beautiful inside and out but I think you're losing too much weight your arms are so skinny
  • regardsmrsloveI hope the camera adds 10 lbs. you're looking very skinny these days. :(
  • massagemumI agree with the others, this picture makes you look too thin. You are a beautiful person, don't wear yourself out. Take care and have fun in Hawaii 👍😬
  • lav65You do look awfully skinny, you look like Danielle Staub.
  • suepeterson2Success does not equal anorexia.
  • scjwlChamps 💰
  • lo_lilakFavorite housewife + fave show this fall!!! Can't wait :)
  • bbroc70Omg that's awful how can you compare her to Danielle Staubs. That's awful she is a mom and you never stop ! Keep your horrific comments to your self..
  • bbroc70Congrats heatherdubrow on @HawaiiFive0CBS
  • chari_haenaYoure coming to hawaii? Yay :) @heatherdubrow
  • lav65@barbbroc1 what are you talking about? Never stop what?
  • redvelvet_wednesdayWhat an amazing opportunity...she looks fine everyone!! Good grief she's a naturally thin human...just be nice and say nice things!! **Groans, sighs...and lives her own life
  • lisa_feaganesCongrats!!
  • itsgravybaby7Ahh yes @heatherdubrow ! I love this show and you#perf
  • ktsurvivorHow exciting.. love that show!!!! Have fun ♥♥♥
  • gretchenrossiHow exciting! Congrats! Say hello to Hawaii for me 👉🙋
  • matthew_theodorePossible recurring. BIG. DEAL.
  • drangelbabyThank you @heatherdubrow for the awesome pic by the pool! You made my bday week even better! @drangelbaby
  • karie_anne_erskineEat
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