Selfie with a baby #spokane
  • macklemoreSelfie with a baby #spokane

  • liseee09Happy Baby
  • kennaheadleeSpokane?!???????
  • tineborgennI don't want to seem crazy or like a stalker, so i'm leaving my tougths and feelings here(maybe i seem crazy anyway). Cause i have to say a few things to you. I know i never will be able to look you in the eyes and tell you this, so i will take my chances to say it here. You've Been my inspiration for many years now. The first song i heard of you was "Wings" and "otherside". I fell in love with The lyrics, and i fell in love with The man behind The lyrics. Not in the "crush" way, but in The "this is The most amazing, honest and real artist i've ever heard of". I've listened to all your music since. I went to your concert as soon as i got the chance. My first chance was Hove festival in norway last year. I came first, stood first, and for 45 minutes my life was complete. I got to see you, hear you and almost touch you. My inspiration, my first real "artist-crush", MACKLEMORE! I have never Been happier! As many others I used your music to get clean and I used your music to Get my life Back together, and I will not lie- i couldn't, but your music sure made it easier! I started school again, and after some time i also quit drugs. Still everytime i'm down, your music cheer me up, your music gives me motivation. I've Been your fan since long before you really got famous, and i'm proud of that! At every party when you Get on, i'm singing like i'm the famous one. At discos i get The DJ's to play your songs. People love it! People know me as The macklemore-fan, The one who knows all The lyrics, in every song. I know i won't be able to say this in any other way, but you have to know this; I LOVE YOU! I'm thankful for you, and i'm happy for you! You deserve every bit of happy you can get! Your girlfriend, your crew, your fame and your success! And thank you. I really do hope you notice this, eventhough you won't reply. From The bottom of my heart, i hope you continue to make music, be real and stay macklemore :) you're absolutely fantastic ❤️ much love to you @macklemore, from your true fan- Tine, in norway.
  • tineborgennCute kid by the way, want to hug both of you! :)
  • winmvC
  • winmvE
  • winmvU
  • winmvT
  • anubisimyourdad@ohdonovan
  • embowieee@gr8se
  • tynatino@zoe.panageas
  • olinda135This baby is very fat !!!
  • beautyworld098This baby is very fat but it's cute
  • sebastianbrennerFat only Fat xD
  • caidenselphOoo thats a fat baby
  • babyyfo@_shanbles
  • domirae97Us @slapyou512
  • sierraadetar@sarakelly25 wtf
  • vanessa_schaal@lisa_fri 😂😂
  • rizlaaine92@anissa.lbn
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