I'm waaaaay over dressed for sound check. You got hot LA.  #wecansurvive #hollywoodbowl
  • teganandsaraI'm waaaaay over dressed for sound check. You got hot LA. #wecansurvive #hollywoodbowl

  • im_the_mikey_hiOoo
  • j919cIt seems like it will be a blast!!
  • n2n4r5nYou two are smoking hot! Can't wait the show :-)
  • roseyp0sey@joysapp1e tegan&sara r there!
  • rockera78I really wished I liked Katy Perry to have gone to this show :(
  • ayala_yve14@vanessaalydia I knew it! You just didn't care enough
  • n_fancyIt's my baby sister's birthday and we came all the way from Bakersfield (home of Buck Owens) just to see you sisters! We are at the very top in row "W" ahhhh🙈 we love you and would live to meet you. You were fabulous live. We are thrilled to get to hear you live. I've been listening to you sisters for the past ten years and I finally got to bring my sister to you show for her 19th birthday! We love you!! @teganandsara
  • bodhiphotog@sigbrigett
  • telepedroSara es mil veces mejor @vhmarisol
  • jiniapazDon't even dare to wear those kinds of clothes in Manila!!!! It's too hot in here!!!!
  • jfajardo09HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • lrsamillerJimper, jacket, docs...and shades. Only tegan and sara could wear winter and summer in one
  • acej4I don't think so, lovin the outfit!
  • mitticabreraplease please give a free ticket on your concert here in the philippines. @teganandsara #superfan
  • tonidodsonI wish I could've seen you girls like so bad. I wish to see you both someday live. I hope y'all had an amazing time last night at Hollywood Bowl!! <3
  • tonidodsonCome back to Nashville soon!!!!
  • xx_silly_sophie_987_xxI wish I could of been there!!
  • amaranta_gram@teganandsara yup I'm spamming the shit outta your insta right now. Wana be awesome n helo me propose to my gf during your show in Detroit in december?
  • jvckielunvI love you!!!!
  • vailmaxYou guys are beautiful
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