Filming the first episode of The Art Assignment with @swusug and @olsenvideo.
  • johngreenwritesbooksFilming the first episode of The Art Assignment with @swusug and @olsenvideo.

  • lelezadinhaYou never stop!!! Always filming
  • aisatsanaYay Sarah!
  • brovitskymy teacher was previewing crash course today at the beginning of class and all I heard was the intro music and I was like OMG NO WAAAAAAY
  • brovitskyand that's the end of my story good day to you my lad
  • haleighb_@madison_diprima 😘😊
  • freephase13@johngreenwritesbooks or anyone else. Sarah went from the yeti and not wanting to be on camera or in anything to Awesome Sarah and making appearances and cool stuff. What happened? What changed?
  • sherlock3dYES! #ART!!!
  • freephase13Thanks @shadowswallow
  • gavilazan@shadowswallow, tragic? What happened?
  • eirwen29@shadowswallow what happened ? :(
  • clafriesYayy
  • elineanne90@shadowswallow do you think this is really the place to speculate about these things? It's none of your business. For what it's worth, I don't think sarah was ever so dead set on not being on camera. However it became a Thing and that's why they continued it until that live stream thing with Obama.
  • cripsnkits@elinious You're right, I don't personally know Sarah's thought process and intentions. I do have some pretty good guesses based on her career path thus far and the fact that women in america must actively fight to have their own identities and accomplishments recognized rather than be simply erased to "Mrs. Husband." A stunning example of this is Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • cnoppsWill you please hand out books at your house for trick-or-treating? Because my friend and I are fourteen and I wasn't going to go because I'm too old for it but then she decided to go in her g-ma's neighborhood and that's your neighborhood and so could you please hand out books for Halloween? For the children....
  • bitsocheeseThank you!!
  • friendstv.igSarah needs to post more!!!
  • ciara.skyeeWhat is the art assignment?
  • _amandaklein_So John I'm 12 and I'm proud to say you ruined my life. But I thank you for that because you made me love books more then anything and made me understand myself so, don't kill anymore of my favorite characters and know you're the best writer I've ever read. And I read a lot
  • haas.soloThank u for ruining my life 💕
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