Memories to fill 1,000 lifetimes. Thank you. ❤
  • johnnygweirMemories to fill 1,000 lifetimes. Thank you. ❤

  • michele_ortiz73Your retirement statement was beautiful, thank YOU for the memories.
  • cathouzoufThank YOU ❤️
  • kidepp
  • salgadoveThank you Johnny! You inspired a lot of people, even those who live far far away, like me!! I can't wait to watch the broadcast with your comments! Positive vibes to you from Brazil 😊 👏👏👏
  • atekamkoolotAll my love to you 💜💜💜
  • yuping8582U're so beautiful
  • marine66666thank you. enjoy your new life.
  • gpodschunThank YOU for bringing joy to me and so many others and forging long-lasting friendships among your many fans. #ATB
  • atomicwifeWhat ^^ said. Can't wait to hear your colorful commentary and watch your future skating performances in all their glory!
  • yulia_lafleurSigh... It's sad, but feels like a sort of new beginning at the same time! Hope to continue watching your amazing art ✨ in shows!💗🙏
  • eurek_aihfiお疲れ様でした❤︎
  • kiki2466Thanks for the memories!
  • achiko0214I love you Johnny !!! 💝
  • pamyappelDIVO!!! I LOVE YOU
  • reinbownThank you Johnny, I love you(;_;)
  • jordy_84Loved you since summer camp so proud of all your success my friend
  • vicky_layla@anna__marks
  • ashlyg2@justine_stamm haha!
  • min__chiYour image on ice makes me cry and has encouraged me even now. Please come to japan again! I love you. @johnnygweir
  • kulutar💗
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