Where is this Lovsac located??
  • lovesacWhere is this Lovsac located??

  • lovesac@rockandrolloffroad - not Dallas, but relatively close
  • nickolsen1313arizona mills! @lovesac
  • lovesacGreat work @boxed_in_xb !! Do you visit often?
  • nickolsen1313@lovesac I do! (Not that location in particular) I worked for the Layton Hills and Fashionplace Lovesac locations for a year and now I'm in Colorado working next door to the Flatiron Crossing location. Pretty sure I go in once or twice a week!! Gotta add to my #lovesac collection! Always the first store I find when I go to a new mall!
  • nickolsen1313@lovesac I hope you guys are doing a killer black Friday deal! I need more sacs and sactionals!
  • lovesac@boxed_in_xb we have some great deals in mind. Keep watching our Facebook and Twitter for announcements
  • nickolsen1313@lovesac oh I'll be sure too!!
  • kwebbsenseOh yes!!! Black Friday deals!!!!!! 😃😃 I need a few footsacs as gifts! I only saw a few styles on the website, did I miss the non furry ones??? I lost mine and really want a new one!
  • lovesac@kaseyleem http://www.lovesac.com/other-comfy-stuff/blankets.html. Here's a full selection of options
  • lainaaa8ARIZONA MILLS!!!!!
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