The happiest state of human existence is to love something more than yourself.
  • shaycarlThe happiest state of human existence is to love something more than yourself.

  • rainbowmorgan8Hey shay and colette, what would u do if Brotard had 2 more siblings = triplets?
  • 22_kaitlyn_22Aw
  • 21.yungSo cute. And that quote is going on my wall.
  • angeleahagostoI love this pic so much😍😊💜
  • isabel_arkellThat comment has gone in my bio
  • qatari4meWhen you love something more than yourself that is more exiting because you can have so much fun you will burst with happiness because suddenly a person suddenly came in the room with out using doors or windows and that person is called a new born baby I hope daxton lives a happy exciting life good luck
  • snarv94This picture is just beautiful.
  • reynolds_02Bio
  • princess121103Love it
  • lea_btoh love this
  • natalie_c_newmanSo cute
  • ellie_richardson01OMG he is so big now . Miss this 💚👶
  • leslyjolenefusco😘❤😍
  • liloldrebecca@connercox95 I love their family so much
  • 3010lolSo cute
  • skylani1Love that shot @shaycarl
  • youtubers_and_vloggersA year ago we were blessed by this little angel coming into our lives, God bless you Daxton. Congratulations on a year of life and @shaycarl @katiletters congratulations for making such a wonderful child.
  • hildasabella@ibodzki
  • disneylandmeWe're is the vlog that Daxton is wearing his little pumpkin onsie and then Mr. Butler you said in the vlog you can't go to Disneyland unless you are a week old. I've been searching on YouTube for ever. BTW HUGE FAN YOU HAVE AN AWESOME FAMILY! 😊
  • shirleys_life2.0I thought his name was sander back then 😂😂
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