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  • cnnOn October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the east coast of the United States causing billions of dollars worth of damage to New York City and northern New Jersey. CNN’s Tim Lampe (@timlampe) along with photographer Keith Weaver (@keithweaver) set out to cover stories in Staten Island, Rockaway Beach, and the Jersey Shore one year later. Over the next four days they’ll share their stories from #CNNSandy here as well as augment these stories on their individual accounts.

    Last year, Darren Erbe (@darrenerbe) used Instagram as a means for documenting his own family’s personal story. Tim Lampe revisited the scene of one of Darren’s most powerful captures from the aftermath to see before and after one year later. The before picture shows Darren’s father walking through a few feet of water to survey the damage to their house. (1 of 5)

  • xmasbelles@blingabelle
  • blingabelle@chrrristabelle see my comment above
  • vladgorenshteyn@cnn very creative storytelling. Props.
  • vladgorenshteyn...to @keithweaver and @timlampe. #cnnsandy
  • fly1983Nice
  • timlampe@vladgorenshteyn Thank you! There's a lot more to come!
  • thesecondgleamwow such idiotic comments! reporting all of you!
  • thesecondgleamgreat feature @timlampe ! (but i'm a little biased!) 😉hi mr. erbe! 👋
  • zobolondon@timlampe simply awesome! Very moving! 👊
  • saraherbe3It's a shame that some saw this powerful post portraying a man whose world changed due to Sandy and chose to attack his physical appearance. Hurricane Sandy brought devastation to many and it is naturally for people to have stress induced weight gain. Unless you have lived a situation similar to those affected you won't understand the struggle it is to constantly be displaced, to work with contractors and permits to fix a home that you don't even recognize anymore, and so much more. If only you felt compassion for people like the man in the photo instead of criticizing him for not choosing the gym over trying to get his home livable for his family.
  • cynthiahassWow. Powerful . 🙌
  • saraherbe3@thesecondgleam people can be so mean!
  • darrenerbeLooking forward to this powerful series, Tim and Keith! Thanks for taking the time to get the project together 🙏 @timlampe & @keithweaver
  • jsperoniDarren & Anne are friends of mine, and they live just 5 blocks away from me...
  • gabzforman🙏
  • ospaz23_veImpresionante
  • timlampe@jsperoni Their story was very inspiring but everything else in that community was too.
  • sctranWell said!! @whothtgrl_sarah Awesome photo! @darrenerbe
  • maxim_maslovskyРазжирел-то как за год!
  • danilolauria@elisafayevila
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