Steaming on set. I'm well happy about lol πŸ˜„πŸ˜ž
  • isthatjessiejSteaming on set. I'm well happy about lol πŸ˜„πŸ˜ž

  • lily_zachariouOmg you're so beautifulβ™₯β™₯
  • juczkso cool Jessie I love your new look !!
  • grace_officialxxJessie I'm glad u have gone your way you have probs no idea what I going on about but oh well @isthatjessiej πŸ˜„-from grace who is seeing u in ur concert and who is only small
  • kristiniluI also do that before I sing! :D <3
  • mrsashwoodYou inhale steam into your throat and lungs. You can put nice oils like Camphor in to clear your bronchials.
  • miss_liefieJessie j je me vlogen
  • yvonne_chrlAww so cute my babe xx
  • jahsianfoxxjEsSicKar Hayfever Sibns
  • bus_wxnkerYour hair looks awesome :-)
  • chloedesmxndOMG ARE YOU ALRIGHT?
  • ayshaala22@om_cheeks sh3rha WoooooW
  • itsjessieonlyβ™‘ β™‘ β™‘
  • lu.coimbramano que isso parece um pinto socorro
  • tstoffyCuteee <3
  • philly_alaI dont know why im writing this cos I dont think celebs bother with looking at a picture twice and people comment on your photos pratically every five seconds but I just really wanted to say that I think ur amazing and beautiful. Your songs have helped me get through the tough times. Music is my comfort and your songs always make me feel better. I get bullied at school by a girl because my nose is big and I am ugly but I always feel a lot happier about myself after I listen to one of your songs. One of my oldest friends died last xmas aged 12 and it really hit hard and your songs made me feel better then. Im not being weird I just really wanted to say how much your songs mean to me. Thank you so much for all your songs @isthatjessiej
  • stephaniebuckleyyyYou're so perf man!
  • jossdolanJesus @philly_ala
  • reannashorlandJessie j you are soo pretty no one can beat you
  • impala_francocute
  • philly_alaSorry @joc_dolan. Just a regular girl-not jesus
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