They go together like _____. This duo is comin' to you on Wednesday! Which color are you getting?
  • tmobileThey go together like _____. This duo is comin' to you on Wednesday! Which color are you getting?

  • joshsnow3@andrewdavidschwartz when can I preorder?
  • andrewdschwartz@joshsnow3 you can preorder now
  • jeepkid_18White!
  • rickyristrettoBlack!!
  • juanio_estradaI want Mine Full of Gold :)
  • johnnybabs@tonyrazzo77
  • tonyrazzo77I need a new phone and watch to go with all my new shoes! @johnnybabs
  • ryansgogoTmobile, I've been a faithful customer for 9 years snd in the lastv45 days you have royally screwed over me so badky that I will ne canceling you nect month. Cannot wait. Even with your cheap rates, you aren't worth it anymore
  • _man_teen_The note 3 came out
  • richierich168White!
  • espada_mgwhite
  • lehvatoIs there a customer support acconnt for tmobile??
  • adam_r6Guys should seriously bring back the sidekick. I would totally by it. And I know others who feel the same
  • tmobilebreathinglovato-Please email us at TForce(@)T-Mobile(DOT)com with your name, mobile# &summary
  • tmobile@concentida1990 They are available in Stores today. Check out this link and locate a store near you!
  • juarez1325What store was the watch @tmobile
  • juarez1325Has
  • lewin.skiOmg must have
  • tarenitup_91@tmobile will you get the note 3 in pink?if so when?
  • gd4000@tmobile I've had my line with u guys for over a decade and never had any issues! As of 1.5 months ago my service on my Note 3 has been below stamdards!! Sim.. phone replacement.. and a tech escalation has been processed by you guys.... I need a resolution ASAP... if you can no longer provide me the service I once had I should be able to walk away without any termination fees. This is the last thing I'd want to do.... I've been trying my best to work with you guys all this week. Please help #tmobile #Decadecustomer #note3
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