• reneritchiePhones!

  • jonfingasI may get a very nice similar photo in the near future...
  • abelardopoyerThe big 4S in the center!
  • adoraDo I want a gold iphone? I'm typically a black phone girl, can't bring myself to preorder without seeing one in person.
  • snowx2kThat's a whole lot of phones!
  • therealechizBaller status
  • tophertronMissing a 4 or 4S... Cool that you keep them all!
  • colourworxukIt's the 4 that's missing. The one on the top is a 4S. @tophertron
  • kataran11Lots of phones must have a multiply wall charger. I use to have a Palm pile like that
  • crackberrykevinHow much would you sell the gold one for?? :)
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