The Leafs have signed Cody Franson to a one-year contract
  • mapleleafsThe Leafs have signed Cody Franson to a one-year contract

  • oley4949We ll get a better look at gunner this season he played with an injured hip all last season, I feel ppl are holding too much against him, he normally plays a good game against other teams top lines
  • jtouwzersAmen. And booyah
  • tris_giesbrecht@josephbonello @jtheodore96 It's great to actually see some animated discussion on insta. A change from the average cheesy comments.
  • fdhanani67Great signing glad to see him back
  • shullzyIt's better than being at House of Chan restaurant with your back intentionally facing the TV while the leaf game is're lucky we need a right handed D man...
  • danieladecristofaroMy bro is seeing tommorow Toronto maple leafs game
  • jdecuzzi🙌🙌😍😍 @kathoreilly
  • ericjacksonwood@bigdaddyneil
  • rileytjayBlackhawks all the way...... #88 KANER
  • _sports_edits_memes15Wow fail how are you a Blackhawks fan when u don't even know how to spell their names. Anyway yay Franson is back go leafs go
  • sebster16He is going to have a great year ... I also drafted him in my hockey pool
  • coffee_dad@sportytony_15 he knows how to spell their names. "kaner" is a nickname
  • deandeluca_you're probably a no life homo that can't get I through their heads that Toronto sucks. @sportytony_15
  • matt_crawfie@deluca999 oh he has no life so you just came to this status cause you have such a life right now ? Shut the fuck up and get out of here Toronto is our team and there a great team they have started are franchise back up and now we are a play off team I don't understand why you need to chirp our team. Seriously get a life
  • lupulfan19Nooooooooooooooo
  • deandeluca_bud , 25 and running , congrats on your first and last payoff run in a long time , too bad u guys have to blow a 4-1 lead in the biggest game of your life #leafsnationsmd #gowings @honeynutchelios
  • deandeluca_smd Franson
  • bradley_jsQuality soo happy we signed him !
  • mostafa11741Dat slap shot to the finals against bruins. Cody good to have you back!
  • _hail.16Oh joy
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