Yay! Indian Food Rocks!
  • indianfoodrocksYay! Indian Food Rocks!

  • indianfoodrocks@ashwinsmom I think it went well but the feedback from the students will really tell. I had to think on my feet A LOT but it underscored how versatile our cuisine is and how we can work around mistakes, without wasting food or having to start over.
  • sonia7spiceGood luck for new challenge, @indianfoodrocks! I'm sure you will be fine and break thro rocks 😘
  • sudarsarsome questions can force you to think out of the box.
  • indianfoodrocks@sudarsar I like questions. I was referring more to working around critical mistakes and still making the recipe work.
  • indianfoodrocks@sonia7spice it was great! Thank you!
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