The final picture taken with my temporary HTC One.
  • veronicaThe final picture taken with my temporary HTC One.

  • markparkerI had a One, returned it, when back to my 4S for a couple of months. The larger screen is nice at times, but not a game changer for me. I purchased the 5S and love it.
  • michelleglopezStill waiting for mine in the mail!
  • mattieuhorakGot to love touch ID
  • darf1Jealous
  • jaypesoNice. I'm still waiting for the UPS truck that's driving around with mine.
  • 305vicI love, gooooooold!
  • himanshu_kAm jealous
  • canadianbenBooo
  • george_cifrancisGot me a Space Gray iPhone 5s a few days ago. Love it! Huge upgrade from my 4S.
  • cythrawlJust remember that IOS7 doesn't make your device water proof... like some fools thought it did and found out the hard way that they got punked..
  • allylrobUgh jealous it's not space grey
  • lillilblurkinBeen freaking amazing coming back from android to the 5s myself. Huge upgrades!
  • sorenezungLoves ios 7, huge improvement
  • luismonroy86Hola :D
  • adruxkianHola iOS 7 :)
  • knop3seTemporary htc one? Wtf?
  • darkvampI love iOS7
  • yodaxl7Love my gold 5s
  • lanbuiI got off the HTC One as well... Just couldn't make it work for me.
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