Collaborative paintings with my kiddos. My 5-year old has big plans to add more layers tomorrow. #tinkersketch #creativetable
  • tinkerlabCollaborative paintings with my kiddos. My 5-year old has big plans to add more layers tomorrow. #tinkersketch #creativetable

  • faeriebird5 is such a fun age!
  • tinkerlab@faeriebird that's the truth. They're little people with wise souls.
  • artfulgirlsSo cool!!!
  • nessoneperfectdayI'd love to learn how your collaborative projects work. Who suggests the ideas, colours etc? How do you encourage/add input etc without taking the lead. I'd really like to try this, just not sure how to go about it.
  • kate_aneverydaystoryMe too @nessoneperfectday :) is love to know more about the collaborative projects :)
  • shanachristineAdd "me three" to this list! Blog post, maybe? Pretty please?
  • tinkerlab@nessoneperfectday @kate_everydaystory @shanachristine It looks like I have a blog post on this topic in my future :) In a nutshell, I started these and my daughter asked to join in. I began with the pink and red paint, and then she suggested black and white. My rule in these moments is to say "yes" to all suggestions. (Plus, I think she was spot-on with the addition of B + W!) And then we painted and drew side-by-side until we agreed that it was done. Sometimes I'll give her tips on how to use a brush, but for the most part we celebrate experimentation and everything goes.
  • bgmillsI've done collaborative paintings with my children on large canvases. I'll paint, then I'll invite them to make some marks and then I'll paint some more, incorporating their marks in the composition. Repeat. I have one that is 3x4feet hanging up in our dining room. My son and I did it when he was 3.
  • chmuffintreeawesome Rachelle! I love this so much!
  • tinkerlab@shanachristine @nessoneperfectday @kate_aneverydaystory today's blog post on is dedicated to you 😘 thanks for the inspiration.
  • tinkerlabThanks for sharing your experience @bgmills ! It's very similar here.
  • tinkerlab@chmuffintree 💚💛 thanks!!
  • shanachristineLove love love. Can't wait to try it with my guys. Thank you!!! Inspiring as always.
  • nessoneperfectdayThank you @tinkerlab! I am so looking forward to trying this with R.
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