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  • missapril2u@fxckyourpix101 -- ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. GOOD POINT.
  • miamihousewifeY'all forefathers actually held out their hands to shake the Indians hands as an agreement to exchange goods, then killed them off & stole their land! Y'all forefathers actually took my ppl into captivity and treated them worse than you treat a criminal. YALL LIVING THE GOOD LIFE OFF OTHERS BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS!! Y'all want unity? Correct what was done. Don't sweep it under the rug! Cuz whenever another racist white supremacist kills another black for racial reasons, that rug is gonna be lifters and that same trash is there! Whenever another idiot like Rush Limbough calls black girls "Nappy head hoes" that rug is gonna be lifted! MAKE IT RIGHT AND IT WILL STOP BEING THROWN IN YOUR FACE! All these petty laws that are built to incriminate the black man, yet a worse crime that is popular amongst whites get less time or a slap on the wrist! OPEN YALL EYES AND STOP BEING DEFENSIVE!! Look at the injustices still being done to us and start standing WITH us against them and THEN you will see unity. Instead y'all sit back pointing the finger in judgment. The bible says "bare ye one another burdens"...y'all don't do that! When y'all start, peace will start. ✌️I'm out!
  • miamihousewife@garthquake did u hear a word that was said??? If I were your neighbor and I broke into your home & killed your kids but we still had to live next door to each other, would I be wrong for constantly saying you should "get over it" & "we should be getting along" if I never do anything to make it right? I'd be wrong unless I did everything I could to make it right. We can't continue to sweep things under the rug and think this house (country) is gonna be clean. Facts are facts and thy can't be ignored. Face the facts, make it right, then we can ALL move on. I'm not telling lies...this is truth I'm speaking. I love whites & every other color the same, but race relations aren't a hot topics for no reason...it's because it's an un dealt with issue.
  • dallass88hay how are u doing
  • miamihousewife@patriciawilliams1 they been going in for almost 2 days now! I was cordial, but the truth had to come out so I went in just now!! ^^ LOL. You gotta see @sweetjbianca @i_am_pink_ceo and @pilipino_managinip comments. They held their own yesterday. HILARIOUS!!
  • justicethagreat@miamihousewife I see.....#panthers #blackpower I dont even need to say nothing becuase yall said it. Smh...they wasn't ready....a educated african america brings out the coward in everyone.
  • realcarnes7Racist thug
  • justicethagreat@air_jerdon_23 how in the world do u identify with African American culture? And u better not say hip hop, being poor, baggy jeans! That is only part of culture....do u know the actual details of us as a people? Do u know our royalty, riches, who malcolm X was and what he really stood for? Im not talking about that textbook lies they feed us in school and on T.V.....how dare u say you identify! You have know idea what its like to have your entire culture and history destoryed.....and on top of that told that your are nothing and still after 400 years of being oppressed still be degraded in everything that we do.
  • justicethagreat@miamihousewife
  • frank_62882Everyone on here is retarded, Ocho is laughing at you fools
  • miamihousewifeYou are very misunderstood "all up & thru" this entire post @air_jerdon_23 LOL. You're the peacemaker trying to soften the blows but you're getting hit hard #iunderstand :(
  • justicethagreat@air_jerdon_23 no peace.....u can give that up. @miamihousewife u know its no peace and it never will be.
  • miamihousewifeLOL!!! @patriciawilliams1 true, but in what way? We can have peace with him because in his posts he was on the same page as you & I. He said nothing wrong but keeps getting the blows that are meant for the other people who ARE saying a heck of a lot. They are making the racist remarks, not him. It's just like when racist whites say all of us are thugs or illiterate...they group us together but it's not right. As the saying goes "show yo face", well he showed his. @air_jerdon_23 is cool peeps. The ones who need to be targeted, I don't see anyone commenting to them at all.
  • justicethagreat@miamihousewife I read his comments I just didnt like that he claims to indentify with african americans....u know how I feel cuz me and gramps on the same page. But @air_jerdon_23 playing this peace card....I read the other dummies comments and they eliminated themselves so im not gonna say nothing. I didnt say anything racist towards him. U already know what mode im in....u either extremely right or extremely wrong.....peace is not an option at this point and sure as heck dont want to here it from nobody else.
  • justicethagreat@miamihousewife @air_jerdon_23 we may be on the same side but im on something else... @miamihousewife u know where my head at.
  • miamihousewifeYeah I know @patriciawilliams1 You on your USA ish! You done declared war. Just like when they go over into another country, they don't care who they kill, their mission is to win the war. It's sad but I think a lot of Blacks are on that now or getting to that point because of all of the injustices year after year. That's why I said in a earlier post that they hid our history from us, but now we're finding out the truth about so much and it's making blacks (and some whites) mad as hell! It's deeper than slavery, it's so much and blacks are now enlightened & empowered. And I know you're on the tip like "either you're on the same tip we're on or you're not, but there is no in between" . Just like in a war. Sorry @air_jerdon_23 you are feeling the repercussions of what I knew was coming years ago. I feel u tho
  • lakeyshia1Ctfu
  • bre_blessed_howeverLove it!!
  • mga_diyos_anak@miamihousewife you killed it I couldn't of word it any wiser or better man those comments sent chills and tears down my eyes my black educated woman!!! Stand up and take a bow!! No justice no peace!!!
  • kaela_blakeYou ain't ever lied! #OwwOww
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