Paul Leotard @jamesfrancotv
  • mindykalingPaul Leotard @jamesfrancotv

  • momofchbkRape? I didn't see no stinking rape...silly peeps there was no rape..
  • momofchbk@mindykaling have kris humphries was hilarious!!
  • grahamoop23Jonah Hill was raped by demons in This is the End, and I don't think I heard a peep about that. Franco gets taken advantage of in a comedic way and everyone is up in arms? Think it's time for some people to stop being morality police. If you don't like the comedy of something, don't watch it. It wasn't intended for you. Sorry.
  • hystericsHilarious episode! But you're exposing our woman grooming secrets! 😋
  • jyo_mama77I wish I was that Indian girl!
  • tamantThe kiss part was a little creepy
  • ambervannBest episode yet! He must come back!
  • queencitypatHe was awesome!
  • mihad_kReally loved James on the show, sad that he had to leave ;(
  • ckckcelia@robbsy just saw this post of yours!
  • southfamilyloveHe was great! James Franco is awesome!!
  • karunnya@givanithi :O pineapple express 2!!!
  • justjennie27"I was blackout drunk" "I never would have otherwise" - these words were written & carefully chosen. I still ride with mindy & I hope she addresses it.
  • therootlesstreeI legit cried laughing when you kissed him and ran away. That scene was so funny.
  • tiffanyjizelleYou kissed him! Lol
  • haneensharhanCuteeeee
  • simplycilly😻😻😻😻👅
  • shouawashereJust got done watching this Episode it's hilarious
  • haneensharhanShe loves carrying guys lol with Morgan
  • zohahusain@fuqusnep
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