Fun downtown LA lunch w/ @toddmthompson 
Thx #Terroni
  • giadadelaurentiisFun downtown LA lunch w/ @toddmthompson
    Thx #Terroni

  • mrs_g2015Just looked at their menu...amazing! Must eat there next time I visit LA
  • dayim27She's a Chef! What do you expect her to post? She's never claimed to be an ambassador of the world. Some women are caddy with Giada because she is a beautiful and successful woman. Don't hate on others, realize your own successes in life.
  • veggiesgonevogueWhat a very sad way to live-to hate on others...
  • aimeed310I love it
  • kerrysingsLove Giada!! and love her food! She is blessed. So happy for her! 😊
  • katie_lewandowskiYummm!!
  • missamyfayeI understand where you're coming from @aimeed310 but @mona_lisa995 is right there is way too much hate in the world need to promote it.....OR Excessive Consumerism!
  • aimeed310If I had said something positive, no one would've said I word. I express my opinion, which in everyone's opinion wasn't PC, then I get mass responses. Everyone has opinions. Respond to the negative, as you would the positive. No hate, just my opinion. Jeeeeesh
  • tpalm62Sounds like somebody is jealous!! @aimeed310
  • wingburger.ca_wifeyAlso in Toronto, ON
  • aimeed310@tpalm62 jealous? Of a big head full of Giada teeth? Lmao I'd rather be poor white trash, like I am, than rich like her. But thanks, I needed the laugh
  • aimeed310@omegashock1 lol I love it
  • alondragm@giadadelaurentiis I just made your tiramisu recipe... Delicious! You're the best!!
  • maidinbritainLooks delish.
  • kcpagaranHi @giadadelaurentiis! I want to send you some stuff for cooking good for pasta & frried rice. Let me know where to send. I am excited for you to try it. Thanks!
  • reshash1Lucky u
  • mthgabrielle😋😋😋😋
  • chef_kenmass@giadadelaurentiis great interview with alton brown on his pod cast. Thanksgiving is gonna be a blast with ina. you and alton.
  • shashikumar_karupiah_fan👍👍👍👍👍
  • _outda_mudlet me get a shoutout
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