More details on Grand Theft Auto Online at #GTAOnline
  • rockstargamesMore details on Grand Theft Auto Online at #GTAOnline

  • hannansiddiqui@rockstargames is awesome
  • relaxedlizardd@bradders246 no one that isn't a fanboy would get that protective over a brand, and i have never plaued world of warcraft in my life, and I don't see how having games digitally is less simple than on disc, surely its the opposite
  • bradders246@girdleberg it's simpler on disc because of he sharing aspect you twat, and get over yourself, there's more to my life than xbox or play station, your the bum boy protecting pc, go fuck yourself you loser of a child.
  • bradders246@girdleberg and I'm portective cuz I think your a fucking bellend, nothing to do with what platform I play on
  • relaxedlizardd@bradders246 you're protective because I have a different opinion to you, you're calling me a loser of a child yet you're the one getting angry at someone you dont know over what platform they play on, yes you're right I am the loser.
  • bradders246Honestly fuck off with your upper ground bullshit, I know why I'm calling you a twat mate and it's because your a twat, not your opinion, but while were there it's wrong anyways lol, you are a child, and a loser regardless. Your a keyboard warrior mate, you look like a fanny and if I met you in real life you'd be picking your teeth up of the ground. I'm getting angry cuz of stuck up little fucks like you who think you know everything. I said one thing about pc and you and the other dude couldn't resist but start this shit so fuck ya self, you startled it by retaliating, wernt me you fool
  • charny1234Yo Frankilan a smoke homies
  • ben_mikeeWhat car is the blue one?
  • ben_mikee@bradders246 @charny1234 @girdleberg @hannansiddiqui @stelf_ninja what car is the blue one?
  • relaxedlizardd@bradders246 I love how you're calling me a keyboard warrior but you're the one saying 'you'd be picking teeth up off the ground' because of an xbox, chill out, and you're saying I think I know everything? You were commenting saying PC SUCKS, stop being a hypocrite
  • bradders246Beg off @girdleberg
  • xkirito143Its the feltzer @ben_mikee
  • grandtheftauto_fansWe need more cars, more parts to cars and able to make our own vinyls on cars
  • s3od_khaled@khaleed_25
  • s3od_khaled@khaleed_25 مثل سيارتك
  • khaleed_25@s3od_khaled ههههههههههههههههه
  • cxlin.mrFelezer @macckt
  • lossantoscustomcarsMake stickers for cars and custom paint jobs that would be awesome we only have now crew emblem
  • fagnerverdureiroManeiroe muito doido
  • dreamcarsforlyfe@eliasvt
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