What smells so good?! If you're near one of our stores, it's got to be Pumpkin Pecan Waffles!
  • bathandbodyworksWhat smells so good?! If you're near one of our stores, it's got to be Pumpkin Pecan Waffles!

  • that_makeup_freakYea I don't really like that it kinda makes me sick 😖
  • caprice_marie_♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • malakrahal_Omg i got this candle its like the best thing on earth
  • morganmakenna17I love that so muh I got it and it was gone 2 days later
  • brend_uhBEST ONE YET!!!! #obsessed
  • i.love.benny@bathandbodyworks I bought Caribbean escape ...used it once for some reason its making me sick..will they allow me to exchange it?
  • _michaelwatkinsYou guys seriously put waaaaaaay too much in your burners that's such a waste. It says on the bottle up to twenty drops. I've been using your burners for years and quite frankly, less is more. I would rather put 10-15 every half hour than pour the whole bottle in and get NO scent. Like do you want your customers to even smell it? Cause you will NOT will all of that. It's a little tea light a little tea light will NOT heat all that up for a good smell. My god.
  • thatpinkhairedchickThis needs to be a year round sent! I would always get it!
  • naominoelaniYes it does! I am obsessed!!
  • sareli122@missteenytiny_86 yes you can exchange your product. You can get a refund with your receipt if need be. @mikeisababe we burn our oils for a minimum of six hours per day and they come in a different formatted bottle. Water is also added. When using the oils in store, it is a far larger space.
  • _michaelwatkinsI work at bath and body. I know. @sareli122
  • _michaelwatkins@sareli122 and my bath and body is smaller than my kitchen lol, but as I said I burn oils daily and own 80% of the store. You're preaching to the choir lol.
  • sareli122In that case, I can't argue. I know personally, my store needs it. We don't go insane with the level like I've seen some but we definitely do enough to get us through a day or two.
  • sareli122@mikeisababe ^ ^ ^ (I'm still new to this thing)
  • sareli122Oh no worries @mikeisababe ! I knew you weren't. :) Ps - island colada is one of those "less is more" oils. It's my #love!
  • katelynliz04Weird name never know what it can smell like
  • jisellaloveCool
  • sofieminerI have that candle
  • my_universe15That's my favorite
  • minecraft123loversfollow us
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