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  • brewersThank you for your support all season, #Brewers fans! #Lohse #Gomez #Hand #FanAppreciation

  • oneplateonemissionI take it no problem take. No problem. You guys too in about 2 weeks when you guys get bounced first round
  • tmartymarWow first you talk about a braves organization that you weren't alive to see and then bring football into it. Good one man i won't recover from that.
  • oneplateonemissionI no I wasent but that was our team. But whatever that old. Yea cuz everyone no football best sport,no surprise there
  • tmartymarWon't disagree there. I apologize for comin in hot on yalls page it just pissed me off. Gomez and the Braves have had a history with this. Its baseball he won't do that again af Turner field
  • oneplateonemissionYa!! Football. It's ok sorry too. I just love my teams to death. Yea I like Gomez but he is sometimes crazy
  • tmartymarThat ball was launched lol
  • oneplateonemissionHahaga good luck I'm playoffs I hope they win. They one team I hope you guys kill is the cards can't stand em
  • tmartymarAppreciate it man.
  • oneplateonemissionAnytime
  • abbie71704Love the Crew! Win or lose, there's no one I'd rather support than these guys! Can't wait for next year!
  • mexmary13Stayin true to the Crew!!! ♡♥♡♡
  • don1023No offense to the brewers but Gomez is a little punk and deserves suspension next season for that crap. He made baseball players look bad tonight.
  • jjt16Because Gomez is the first person to watch a homerun, McCann is the punk blocking the plate and starting the fight
  • rjsrider9Yah^^^ wtf are you talken about don1023
  • crabbyblonde1965Gomez you were a punk to my friend....ah she's a season tocket holder....hello....she helps pay ur ching ching. Dont set up to great fans if ur not in the mood!! #gomrz #rude
  • edgar13cMaholm also hit Gomez earlier this year. Things carry over.
  • inewperezMuy duró mi herma @c_gomez27
  • discodemolition@crabbyblonde1965 punk how so? These guys play 162 games a year....they're bound to have bad days.
  • crabbyblonde1965so this season ticket holder (my friend stacy) gets in his line during the meet and greet game.... she reaches her hand out to shake his..... and is showing enthusiasm for him as a player..... he doesn't make eye contact with her but continue to talk to his co player next to him..... he plopped the ball in her hand (signed for her) instead of shaking it. such a small gesture was not much to expect. punked maybe a bit strong but he has an obligation to the fans that particular day and I think he let her down. definitely understand having bad days..... and I'm the first to celebrate the good ones.... so is stacy. :)
  • crabbyblonde1965@discodemolition ...see above thx
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