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  • wxtcherMind if I repost?
  • mrpirannaI'm posting it because I think it's stupid. But sure go ahead @motionlessinwitcher
  • mrpirannaNate Blackburn just lost a large amount of respect from me....
  • wxtcherYeah, but we all know there are the kids who will follow anything that pros do. And when they die, society comes crashing down on boarders. And that sucks.
  • mrpirannaIt's not calibers fault tho. We should be calling out the pros not the company. It's Liam's choice it's Eric's choice whether or not to wear a helmet. There's no need to bash caliber. It's immature and unprofessional. Also Nate is inciting violence with his statement about taking people's boards. Like hell are you gunna let someone just rip your board outta your hands. He better be wearing his helmet when he takes someone's board because he's gunna need some protection @motionlessinwitcher
  • wxtcherYeah. However I do know two dead people and one vegetable from not wearing lids so im pretty supportive. I know its their choice, but they know what they are doing. A bunch of kooks getting fucked up from skating out of their level and unsafely reflects badly on the community. Especially if they are struggling with skating laws
  • mrpirannaOk yeah I mean My crew mates have taken a spill or two that without one we'd be fucked up. I'm all for helmets just not the defamation of caliber and the representation of our sport as a bunch of helmet nazi assholes @motionlessinwitcher
  • wxtcherYeah that is true.
  • mrpirannaI want people to be safe but at the same time I don't want the people who are the public figures of the sport,Nate, to be rude and unprofessional to onlookers of the sport @motionlessinwitcher
  • _booty904This guy can suck a fat dick!
  • _booty904That's his opinion about helmets and he has no right to gorse it on other people
  • _booty904Force*
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