It's officially scarf and jacket season. See you next February in Austin, flip-flops.
  • tshoxenreiderIt's officially scarf and jacket season. See you next February in Austin, flip-flops.

  • tasharoeI'm in TX and it's 96. Sigh...I'm tired of sweating. Lol
  • annebogelNow this is just adorable.
  • mrs_tony_anderson@tshoxenreider I thought summer just started for you?!
  • jessmarietaylor@tshoxenreider jealous.
  • sarahcraig79It's 94 in Houston. jealous. Enjoy!
  • citrushollyThat is crazy. My Texan blood could not handle it (at least not without lots of jcrew cashmere)
  • tshoxenreider@elisenoelk it did. Summer here is about 2 months, tops.
  • freeindeed.jennOnly 2 months of summer?? Sounds lovely to me! I am SO done with the heat!
  • 2tallalboAre you guys moving to Austin in Feb?
  • genevieve_vevNo need for more than 2 months of summer! That's all we get too and I'm fine with it, though I wouldn't mind 3-4 extra months like October!
  • megandcrow2 months! Crazy. I'm adjusting to Utah weather but tho it was hotter than I'm used to I finally enjoyed a summer because there was zero humidity! Which I'm used to swimming in in the Midwest 😬
  • tshoxenreider@jennrcampbell @genevieve_vev I would like it if the winter weren't so long... I'm a fan of longer falls and springs.
  • tshoxenreider@2tallalbo no...just the next time we're visiting. Maybe one day.
  • laurajolizaI am hoping for a few dry weeks in the upper 60s low-70s before November chill sets in. I prefer a long fall, too. That was my favorite season in Northern California. I had no favorite season in Nebraska - it kind of all sucked. We were so relieved to move to Bend from there! I think that's why I am so optimistic about the weather here - I know just how much worse it could be. Lol!
  • tshoxenreider@laurajoliza I think it looks good this weekend! Highs in the upper 60s/lower 70s.
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