Congratulations to Larry ! Read this
  • billiejoearmstrongCongratulations to Larry ! Read this

  • pinchee_breeBillie ! (: well your music is the only thing that helps me through my hard times if you replied to me , I would freak out I would be extremely happy c: but your music speacks to me and my lil sister @idiotsof_rageandlove we always rock out to it (: thank you for all the music you right <3 <3 it would mean the world to us if you replied c:
  • woeisfienDamn billie boo, me and my steph brother are HUGE grren day fans :3 i love how we freak on your songs its amazing love him so much
  • hannahmay83Thanks for the recommendation Billie Joe; i'm looking for more decent reads for once i'v finished reading a book about Green Day :-) Iv loved you guys since i was 13 and i turn 30 in November :o) Thank you for the music and Brixton was AMAZING; never thought i'd ever be THAT close to you all :-) Best Night EVER :-) sooo, i shall give it a read and report back. :-) Best wishes to you & your beautiful family :-) Hannah xxx
  • frankeromustnotdie@domoina_maholy @nanxix CAN YOU NOT
  • elioaklandYour tattoo¡¡¡ I think I will get the same:D
  • dnyaina@idiotatheart8 i was just kidding
  • dnyainaI'm a huge fan of green day
  • letic6Omg, stop "wake up billie" this is not funny, just respect billie
  • dnyainau're right.
  • martasofiamarquesI love You billie
  • irina_bellavistaOooh i have that command!!! *-* yiiii hahaha!! :) @bj_unoxx i love you billie..<3
  • lisboothI have this. Signed!
  • catattackftwnice. can't wait to get this book,and wake up people.
  • thetarmaReading it right now! @bj_unoxx
  • haileylaceupcan you please tell me if your going to come to Michigan? I litterely love you. And me and my friend would die if we didnt see you. Okay maybe not die but... Ilyyy
  • hannah75846Spy rock road ❤️
  • billie_joes_eyeliner*sweats and tries to be punk rock and not make a one direction reference*
  • thetarma@lisbooth me too!! Loved it
  • lisboothCool! @thetarma
  • billies_beanie😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Livermore is my city
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