I love when Jim Carrey's here. It's too bad he's so subdued.
  • theellenshowI love when Jim Carrey's here. It's too bad he's so subdued.

  • ush.77#yumyumcomegetsome lol he's so funny
  • ashgrayson210My daughter watched this episode and truly enjoyed Jim Carey's story telling. Good stuff
  • dimplesfrenchyLove Jim carrey
  • hayley_elizabeth13Hey Ellen. I love your show so much. Your so funny and always make me smile. I just had surgery and I'm getting ready to be off my crutches in a few days. I would love it if I could meet Justin Bieber as a like good recovery gift. It would be so cool to meet Justin Bieber. I've tried everything I possibly can to meet him but it doesn't work. I wasn't able to get tickets to the show when you had him on. I tried but had no luck. Please help me Ellen. I don't have the money to go meet him my self so I'm asking you. Your my only chance I have to meet him. If you can't help then I give up. My dreams of meeting him are going to be crushed if you don't help me meet him. I live In Catonsville MD 21228!! Please Ellen. I know how much you love to make people smile and make their dreams come true!! Your the funniest person out there. I would love to meet him. Please help me Ellen!! @theellenshow love Hayley mitchell
  • ally_llvJim carry he is amazingggggggggggggggggg
  • itsxameliax_Lol I forgot which movie dude @frances_126
  • francesc126@itsxameliax_ the pet thing right?
  • casey.6.cunninghamAce Ventura pet detective @frances_126 @itsxameliax_
  • francesc126lol yeah :D @nc_boss_cunningham
  • goldonkeyTHE BEST!
  • katie_w_16My fav of u and Jim is when he kept falling back in his chair and tried to get u to pull him up! He just kept saying "take me to space Ellen!" "Come on baby"! One of my fave
  • 3alayaalzaa3abiaI loooooove him he's so f*cking funny and awesome
  • lovelygrohlThat was funny!
  • habney99I would love to com to your show but I can't case I don't ghave amid mony
  • habney99Jk see uo there
  • sammieorlowskiHe is the worlds best actor! Inspiration🙌
  • adamzulita@niallerssweetheart subdued means lacking of energy or intensity ..
  • alyssa_.wLove Jim Carey
  • michureveloLove him! (: ♡.♡
  • kcreneau23Finally!! I've been looking through all of your Instagram photos to try to find the one with Jim Carrey!! I love love love him soooo much! Seriously. It is my life long goal to meet him even though I would probably pass out if this ever happened. Just giving you a heads up. Next time you have Jim Carrey on the show, I WILL BE THERE!! :) I LOVE YOU TOO ELLEN BTW! (this isn't a creepy girl. Just an ordinary Indiana girl with a slight obsession with Jim.)
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