Anyone who says you can't domesticate a squirrel has just never met #Squeakums.
  • _salmon.fish_Anyone who says you can't domesticate a squirrel has just never met #Squeakums.

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  • eevie007Aww my baby will never do this. She must explore everything! And bite my fingers. 😓
  • _salmon.fish_@eevie007 That's just how Gigi was. After keeping her for a year she never calmed down and just become more destructive, so she went to a Rehabber. I think Squirrely is like this because he had 2 broken legs when we found him and I kept him cuddled up for about a month longer than babies usually need. He just never grew out of it.
  • _salmon.fish_@eevie007 I also still think his leg gets sore and he loves to nap
  • eevie007Oh... I'm getting worried I'm headed near that path with Baby. I felt horrible for thinking like that but it's nice to know someone else has done it too. Poor thing! He loves his mommy. 😊💖
  • _salmon.fish_@eevie007 Yeah, it was really hard to do, and I felt like I was abandoning her at first. The Rehabber sent me updates through texts and hearing about how quickly she became wild just made me happy that I raised a really healthy baby that was so happy to go be a successful "real squirrel" and have her own life and family.
  • eevie007I can't imagine how hard it must've been. She was lucky that she had an understanding human mom. 😊
  • _salmon.fish_Thanks. ❤️ Best of luck with Baby!
  • mahdi_20Sooo true
  • mahdi_20I think although it is not easy to keep squirrels as pet but i felt they understand us, for example they dont bite your finger finger to injure you they just wanna play. We lnow if they want harm , we would got noooo finger left for us after bite 😅
  • _salmon.fish_That's exactly how I feel, @mahdi_20. I do think that after time they trust us and appreciate the attention and care. They really are social creatures, even if they sometimes prefer to be alone. When they are ready to move on, they sure let us know it.
  • coleenlerae@sparkle_lite ~ this pic too!
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