We met the incredible and lovely (and funny) @jannarden in Nashville last night. We had a joke off. She won. Of course.
  • teganandsaraWe met the incredible and lovely (and funny) @jannarden in Nashville last night. We had a joke off. She won. Of course.

  • megansanders__You girls are just so so gorgeous.
  • emplnl@teganandsara i want something photo like this with you!!!!! See you in warsaw!!!❗️
  • megan_villar😍😍
  • 4theluvofpixAwesome!
  • chelseabell22How Insensitive of her. 😉
  • jlc.kauppTegan and Sara, you ladies are radiant!! XO
  • kellzb76@befit09 I love them. Great show in ATL. #musicmidtown2013 #mm2013. Even with the mud & rain. 😘
  • befit09I haven't stopped listening to four songs since yesterday 😊 yes, great show! @kellzh76
  • suchagoodoneCalgary FTW!
  • allyson.je.jacksonSara reminds me of Alyssa Milano in this photo
  • paomcisnerosI looooove loooooove Sara's smile :)
  • jamilesardiWe just arrive from Brazil to charlestone to ser you guys play tomorrow! Cant wait @teganandsara ..
  • greasyprincesssara, will you marry me
  • shmily_let妩媚小眼神😜😜😜
  • john_doorisIm so happy tegan and sara are finally getting some traction. Though ive been with them since "the con"
  • igarbaGuapas!!!!!!! Come to spain!!!!
  • rhi.train@teganandsara love love love your stuff. "My number" is one of my favorites. My girlfriend bought me tickets to your show in Raleigh NC tomorrow night, the only thing is now we can't go. She was hit by a car Friday night while walking. Broken femur, facial fractures, concussion. She said R2D2 and the droids came to visit her yesterday. She probably won't be leaving Duke Hospital till Friday at the earliest. I don't know anyone who is a bigger fan than her. Every time I go see her, she's still talking about how she can't wait for the concert, and she doesn't understand why she can't go. I know it's probably not a norm but if you two happen to have a spare moment tomorrow or sometime and could pop over and just give her your best. I know there's no incentive to go. I can't offer anything monetarily speaking, just gratitude. It would mean so much to me and it would mean the world to her. She keeps talking about how she'll use her love for Canada to somehow talk to you two. She absolutely loves you, Tegan and Sara. @teganandsara
  • tristangiroux97@teganandsara please read the last comment
  • _charismaclothingI need to get my girlfriend the best birthday present ever. If I send in your vinyl will you sign it?! We've seem you twice together now and it would mean a lot to me and her!!
  • balti804Hot
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