Last morning at the #MacDowellColony. Breakfast shot by my composer friend Alvin.
  • novarenLast morning at the #MacDowellColony. Breakfast shot by my composer friend Alvin.

  • novarenThis is the expression of someone who just wrote 40,988 words in TWO WEEKS... And still has all of today for more writing. Astounded. Ecstatic. Also there were strawberry-banana pancakes today.
  • bethrevisIf love to know more about your process here. What caused such a huge word count? Being in a new place? The ability to focus? A new method?
  • novarenBeth, what a good question! I want to think about this because it's such a mystery! I think part of it is this place itself... I knew I'd be productive here, which is why I wrote them and requested the emergency time before my Nov. 1 deadline. But I never never expected to be THIS productive. I think it helped that I pushed myself to write forward and not tinker and revise as much as I usually do. I only let myself work on a few pages from the day before to get momentum, then pushed forward. I also gave myself a daily word count. And I also mapped out the book visually on the wall and spent a lot of time looking at it. But the biggest thing was probably this: there is no internet in the studios at the colony (one of the big reasons I wanted to come). No TV either. Just me and my book.
  • novarenAlso! I did a lot of reading (instead of TV watching). During this time of writing all these words, I was hungrily borrowing books from the fellows library, and I read 9 books! On #10 now!
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