Tap video for sound
  • chefazMen at work @adieye @producerweiland

  • d_makusYou can dance if you want to
  • jah.shua@d_makus that's Men without Hats
  • mmduarte82@chefaz being that haven't tried any seafood or anything too over the top, I would like to go eat around the San Diego area on your next visit... I'm very texture and smell oriented so many of the foods I want to try I am afraid to do so... When on San Diego, let me know! I'm dying for seafood!
  • treatnailbarI live on Vancouver Island! Have fun riding our ferry! 🚢
  • d_makus@jahshua_r ahh my desire to be first to comment resulted in me not thinking my joke through. You deserve top spot more than I do!
  • mobargerI love your behind the scenes pix! Thank yoU!
  • jester387Very beautiful!
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