Too this flying back from LA into NY/NJ this morning! #eastcoastlife
  • michaelstrahanToo this flying back from LA into NY/NJ this morning! #eastcoastlife

  • ang_bartonI agree! @michaelstrahan please talk Kelly into Instagram!
  • mamaliz863Hey mike I am so glad that u r on IG..and u joined the show.
  • srpapino2003surely hope you Sir @michaelstrahan can get a foot in everyone's butt in that locker room soon before is too late ❗️❗️ 🏈GO GIANTS🏈
  • mamaliz863GO GIANTS..WOOHOO
  • rsjasmomI just realized our birthdays are just a few days apart. Mine is 11-17-71. Happy early birthday!
  • sofamapowCan't wait for tomorrow's show!!!
  • controlfreek62My poor giants got shut out
  • nytonyromeMike I don't no what to say , first let me say I love u man, second, What the hell is going on with Our Giants Man!!!!! Bro I don't care if your not on the team any more you still bleed big blue blood. I bean a Giants fan Since 1982 man.. Please mike you no every thing is on the table mike, man we die for this!!!! You got to talk to tuck, Jpp,and the hole Team!!! Mike please get these guys to stomp out the League. We need a New York Stomp!!!!! I love tuck and Jpp man but come on man!!!!and Eli and that Offense, Mike I no Eli will Listen to you... Tuck played his best when you was on the field with him.. I just can't see us going out like that, hay I know it's still Early but I Said that in week 1.. Tell Jess Armstead I love him too!! Mike you doing a good job with Kelly I watch u all the time. Nicole is Beautiful good job man. I Sent tuck a message and cweber a message ... Stay strong #92 the family love u!!!!! @michaelstrahan
  • queen_oshyI love that view. It doesnt get better!
  • vckysueHome sweet Home 🏢
  • sanshebryantGive the panthers a little love
  • muamua1311Looks beautifuL
  • zaya1212_Hey it's isaiah
  • 7sweetsueVery cool pic!
  • kaitlynkhoureyLove this and you!!! Watch you and Kelly every morning 😊😘 hopefully I'll be in the city soon and can come visit the show!
  • aishah_love👍Was wondering if you would make it back in time. Would love your job lol
  • auntydonny✈️✈️glad u had a safe flight!!
  • kecarstensBeautiful pic.
  • mimiluvskaydenThat is beautiful pic
  • giants_n_bassfishinLove #LearJets
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