So glad my buddy Kelly is here! #wwhl
  • bravoandySo glad my buddy Kelly is here! #wwhl

  • rachelrachelramirez@shmoopsypoopsy true ! People need to uplift each other!
  • aaronscortezShe might be skinny, but DAAAAAAMN!!!! she's gorgeous, besides it's a known fact the older you get you either gain weight or lose a lot, my mom is skin and bones an eats all day err day, lol
  • jrcubI am so in love with you Andy !!!
  • kparham6Aww love Andy and Love Kelly!! :)
  • pacheco_ralphYou inspire me and put a smile on my face every time I watch you. I hope to one day be as successful as you are. Keep up all the good work and keep the shows coming. I love and adore you.
  • pacheco_ralphBy the way I am in love with kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica as well... #muah
  • hawaiiankenAndy will u marry me @bravoandy
  • deagociAndy-so tough on Teresa tonight👎
  • tifftiff76The interview w/ Teresa and Joe was unnecessary... you were redundant, I'll never understand why people do interviews w/ people who can't talk about an issue at hand for legal reason- why not just wait until they can? It was like you asked the same 3 questions 50 different ways knowing they couldn't speak on it. Waste of a 1/2 hour.
  • ghoulsCan you please get Bill Murray on the show?
  • lotfe11001800سوق هو بلا وب عز ؤلوار انشالله
  • lisamarie_simplyblonde💕Loved you and Kelly together!💕
  • billymantooth24Love kelly
  • hellolizzyandbooWho is your watch by @bravoandy? Just curious, since you always have impeccable style. Love you bunches. :)
  • kmcorkeryKelly loves to say "here's what" on her show too
  • carguzmShes nice
  • itsmona.j@bravoandy all i want to know is, what is #WWHL ?
  • hashtag_lamontShe's perfect!
  • shannon5757I LOVE me some Kelly (and Mark). Glad they're WWHL staples!!!
  • allblackeverything8896Two favorite people @bravoandy
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