Off to the Emmys with my beautiful wife, Susan.
  • therobinwilliamsOff to the Emmys with my beautiful wife, Susan.

  • msirismgMy heart goes out to you, Susan. I think he stayed longer than he wanted to because of you. This wasn't your fault.
  • robledoswifey😢😢😢😢 I can't find words to express how much his dead hurt my heart... He was, he is and he will always be my Genie 😭😭😭 rest in peace beautiful angel. Love you lots ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • l_u_l_u9999Rip I love u always u were one of the greats.
  • personal_paints_by_donaRIP you will be missed so much
  • charlotte_mua91Robin you had the most beautiful, warmest, kindest face. If only you knew how loved you were maybe you'd have stayed a little longer. Xx
  • stinasohlberg💗
  • 00noboHis wife is kind of sexy.
  • loyalassamber😍😍 the world will never be the same!!
  • notsoradrose@s_ruw That is completely irrelevant 😑
  • erin.acostaWe miss you everyday Robin! You touched our hearts with ur kindness and your humor. #RIP
  • cloudywishesSo sorry you felt you had no options xxx
  • jennifer.momma2boys@cloudywishes he knew and could have done better. He just did not realize he married a heartless, greedy woman. He did not know the woman he loved would keep things from his kids, after death. Things he wanted his kids to have. He also did not know the woman he loved would leave him *in a fragile state/depressed* alone overnight. She left him in a separate bedroom and did not even check on him, before leaving the house the next morning. His assistant had to find him. Good thing he signed a prenup and secretly arranged a last testimony. Now she will be forced to give up the things he left his kids. So sad what this bitch is putting his kids through, after they lost a father. She was with him for less than 3 years and feels she is entitled…more than his 3 kids. She tried taking them to court, but she did not expect his trustees to come forward to put her in her place. She should be ashamed of herself. I hope her stupid ass is left with nothing.
  • cloudywishesSometime that which we care most about is out of our control xxx btw what a cow!
  • angelinajolleyI know these comments are old, but I just want to throw in that if you are a fan of robin Williams then don't disrespect his wife. He obviously loved this woman enough to spend the rest of his life with her, so show her some respect. Until your husband commits suicide, you do not understand her situation so just mind your own business, and critique your own life instead of hers.
  • lynedoveWell said Angelina, Robins wife obviously loved him, poor woman broke down talking about his depression. Robin is a legend, my thoughts are with his family.
  • dariancalfyHe was with her 11 years dumb ass. 7 years of dating & 3 of marriage.
  • vasflourentzouMy baby 😭💜
  • louise.jannerSusan killed Robin!!
  • arin_pete@louise.janner are you serious, or just joking. Well who am I kidding. EITHER WAY ITS A MEAN THING TO SAY THE MAN DIED LET HIM REST IN PEACE WITHOUT ACCUSING HIS FAMILY
  • hungarianjwJennifer.momma. wtg..exaxtly but yet he haa hardly any pics of his wife...mmmmmm
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