Maria Mercedes cast on GGV tonight.
  • praybeytbenjaminMaria Mercedes cast on GGV tonight.

  • real_aral@jamela_28 wat eber2x
  • georgina88888888@citydrifter00 see....pikon na hahah..don k n sa ig ni latina mong dry....
  • iamchicomartin@citydrifter00 dude I respect your opinion but first u should respect ours because we have our own perspective as a viewer and audience. hindi naman lahat mapplease eh. and just for d record, i am only pointing @ jessy mendiola's acting abilities and image. un lng. look she's pretty and nice but maria mercedes is too sensual for her peronality. Gets? don't be too sensitive there are more issues that must be tackled and argued dude. peace men!:) #love #respect
  • iamchicomartinbeautiful in and out:)
  • pwettychewishRule = Role
  • honestsistah@pwettychewish tumahimik ka
  • pwettychewish@honestsistah u dont tell me what to do bitch
  • honestsistah@pwettychewish u dont tell me what to do bitch :p
  • aftxo#teamkramer #teamkramer
  • rossana415Saw show time today. You should let your guests have a chance to talk when you interview them.
  • katy.ram#TeamKramer on GGV please.... 😞
  • iammichcrutomas maganda ka vice:0
  • ellamaria25@citydrifter00 tanga! Thats my opinion.. kung para sayo she's gorgeous, para samin hindi! Corny at trying hard
  • sselleymTeam Kramer naman po sana iguest nyo @praybeytbenjamin
  • legiti_mateNikki Gil & Billy Crawford were once very in love with each other. Love was once mutually felt & shown which we perceived as closest to perfection. Therefore it was most appeciated by most people who were witnesses. But it all boils down to this .. a romantic relationship can't ever have a one way kind of love. Both people have to feel the same thing. He fell out of love because of waiting for a long time for her to finally submit her whole self to him. Remember the chastity ring she wears, always? This Coleen Garcia doesn't have it! Technically, it would be such a huge lie if he tells us that they haven't had s*x yet. That's reality, which I cannot ever accept - NEVER! For me, it is the most offensive of all sins - THE MOST HURTFUL THING WE'VE EVER FELT AS FANS.
    May your soul be saved, BJC. Well, on a second thought.. I simply don't care about you anymore! You just did and is still engaging into the most disappointing, annoying thing we intended you not to do.
    In my life, I have no room for douchebags. I'm sorry for being brutally honest.
  • jadeorolaAng ganda ni maria marsedes
  • hithereitsxuyenjessy :))
  • _iao78mas maganda sa personal si ate jessy, nandun sia sa university namin kanina :D
  • watashiwa.liesaJessy Mendiola <3 ^_^
  • alcorcong@jessymendiola
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