We're committed to the cause of women's health. #KohlsCares #hearts #Kohls
  • kohlsWe're committed to the cause of women's health. #KohlsCares #hearts #Kohls

  • subunikki@kohls who is the maneger of sterlings @kohls ?
  • kohlsWe love having awesome shoppers like you @cutiepie2206
  • _marnaenae_@_hailey_14
  • maybe_emily__Going soon for fall clothes YAY!!!!! :D @kohls
  • katev305@imasurvivor_x3 ...xoxo
  • sharts02🙏
  • amandaowens2627You have to check to make sure that the sale is affiliated with an organization. Most will say " proceeds go to Susan G Komen" etc..
  • crafttasticmomof2Are you now carrying bc stuff? My mom is a survivor and I love supporting the cause and spreading awareness.
  • amberraehauckKohl's is affiliated through their Kohl's Cares program.. I want to say it is with Susan G. @rebeccacalypso
  • trisaratops@crafttasticmomof2 only in Wisconsin stores or online
  • crafttasticmomof2Oh darn, I wonder why? Thanks @trisaratops
  • happy_life_happy_wife_Awesome
  • scootie55Kohls cares is awesome in Easley, SC
  • mav1181872are you committed to help cure Alzheimer's??
  • emsparks97Did anyone know that breast cancer can be caused by abortion? This is one of the reasons it is so bad these days. Birth control pills also cause it. The Susan G. Komen foundation gives a majority of its funds to abortion industries such as Planned Parenthood. Please spread the word! Women need to know. Found out more at this website: http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/index/ Thanks!
  • kohls@Rebeccacalypso – great questions! 100% of the money we earn through the sale of these products supports the fight against breast cancer. We work with the American Cancer Society (we've even created the Kohl's Breast Health for Women program), and we also work with the Southeast WI affiliate of Susan G. Komen. For more information about our partnerships visit acskohlsbreasthealth.com or kohlsconversationsforthecure.org. We also have an awesome cap (Web ID 94100410). Hope this helps!
  • kohlsThat's for letting us know @scootie55!
  • kohlsHey @subunikki! Email our fantastic Customer Service team with your location and question and they'll be able to get back to you super quickly. You can reach them at Facebook@Kohls.com. Thanks!
  • mackelleen@rebeccacalypso 👍💗
  • markthomasforall#findacure
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