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  • aerieStop by your local Aerie this weekend to support @BeBrightPink! 100% of sales from the Limited-Edition Bridget Bra go to Breast Cancer Awareness! #AerieSupports

  • emilywade15^^^^Um aerie is a bra store so
  • hyderainerI agree @itzmebri13. It makes me sad to see all this breast cancer awareness stuff to be quite honest. I have a bro that has had cancer 4 different times. I'm not against breast cancer awareness at all, I just think that cancer as a WHOLE should have funds raised for it.
  • emmapoole53@itzmebri13 ^^
  • evansajBright Pink is also dedicated to ovarian cancer prevention and education. September is Ovarian Cancer awareness month ladies :) Check out Bright Pink !
  • arianne_kniaIt's all about me me me in the world we live in today and its saddening..
  • erinrayyNo one should be complaining about this whatsoever. Maybe you guys should complain about other big retail stores that don't donate to cancer, especially this much. @aerie and @americaneagle is such a great company for doing such a wonderful thing. Aerie is a bra and undies store so their target customers are females mainly 16-28, so it would make sense to raise awareness about an issue that is common among their target audience.
  • ekimsenSupport one another instead of complaining about not having enough awareness. Being sick is being sick complaining about it doesn't change the circumstances!
  • 187policeOkay
  • nazarethcc👏👏👏👏👏
  • brittbritt_xoxoBought one yesterday 🍁💗
  • stina_05I bought one and have been wearing it all day, love it! And woop woop @evansaj :)
  • 11roses.3@radwamathersluv notice anything weird in the vid? 😉
  • 11roses.3@radwamathersluv someone and I share the same name ^_^
  • 11roses.3@radwamathersluv 😂😂😂hahahahaha xD
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