• waleProgress

  • ashledavisCute honey
  • itslyriqThis isn't u. U took that baby pic from a jc penny catalogue from the mid 90s Lol
  • thelovedoctor84Lol nice
  • kenyhuyterSurulere cc @donjazzy
  • kellimakeingUgly
  • dmugabushaka@wale Shit man, to see you've gotten so far just inspired everyone keep it up man you're an Inspiration and fuck what the haters say, stay true to yourself ✌️
  • shalom_inam_@wale little wale was cute... Lol look at those cheeks. :-) kinda have an idea of what your little ones are gonna look like.. Really cute picture tho
  • acesprintFuckz wit dis nigga any day.
  • authentic_qualityCutie
  • lovely_gettnit
  • yesitsmarahI see it 😻🙌
  • mabintyyNaja boy.... I luv it😘👏
  • ms_kiyawnaYou still have that same baby face
  • tuseyi@wale Whadup bruv!? My name is seyi I'm from silver spring & I screen print. I've been a big fan of your's since you and Dan we're stunting with SBs! I'd really like to print your merch for your tour! I know I can do it! You're one of the only Nigerians that has made it and I look up to you as a pioneer for our people! I know I can be a valuable asset to your team. Instead of having a big company try and take a percentage of your merch sales, I can print whatever you design and you guys can make all the profits. Please contact me if you're interested! I also have an embroidery machine so I can do hats, varsity jackets and anything else you can imagine!
  • dmvzhazelI'm crushing 😍😩
  • bos__lee@_kyaira
  • bibi_georgewillWale is indeed the best
  • josie2151Beautiful💝
  • rayvonn03Little African Prince.. so cute
  • fitnessbaddie@roxanabell OMG so cute!
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