LOL I mean really? I make fun of EVERYTHING and THIS was "too far"?? Hahahaha
  • shanedawsonLOL I mean really? I make fun of EVERYTHING and THIS was "too far"?? Hahahaha

  • maddiecourregeI thought the video was awesome!
  • lightupthesparkThe only thing that I thought wasn't funny was calling her a "crazy anorexic"...That's really not something to joke about.
  • cxcdthdt@invisible_emo_bitch That was bart bakers parody
  • emo_disney_rockdReally food allergies are horrible to make fun of? Haha I have food allergies and that didn't piss me of at all! Take a joke
  • emptyspacezzI personally do not care what he makes fun of #overreaction
  • _startafc_WTF I have a peanut allergy and I don't give a crap
  • captainmcmoomooI'm allergic to almost every type of food to wheat corn all the fruits and nuts and I love this video 😂 haha they cray
  • ashcuddlesWow 😂 society today is a shame
  • emilygottlieb16😂
  • s.lyrsYou're a special kind of stupid, aren't you? *to that person in that comment*
  • alissa_obrien_She's stupid..(Jealousy)
  • hetaliagamerbroI guess everyone hates that person XD
  • sherriewade21Haha ikr
  • evelynlockwoodLaughing so hard lol
  • _kittydawson_Lol
  • jazzroxx98That girl needs know that's what Shane does it's like no one knows him um hello his job is making fun of ppl and if they can't take it don't watch his vids it's obvi like really??? He's made so much vids that r "offensive" or "not sensitive" but he's made so much apology vids he's prob gettin tired of that so it's dumb comment sumthin like that
  • jazzroxx98@shanedawson u don't need change u good way u r
  • autumn_falls_down_alotShane u r good!
  • xemma___xGood allergies?! Seriously!? Ok, this girl has some issues...if she doesn't like the way you make your videos, theres a simple solution!! DON'T WATCH THEM!!😐
  • xemma___x*Food
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