It's another #agaci #giveaway! Leave a comment with your perfect #Saturday plans for a chance to win! Giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm PST, so get to #dreaming!
  • agaci_storeIt's another #agaci #giveaway! Leave a comment with your perfect #Saturday plans for a chance to win! Giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm PST, so get to #dreaming!

  • tifffanythaiSpending the day at Disneyland with my boyfriend and eating dinner with Mickey and Minnie while watching fireworks.
  • missbeccalau@agaci_store my perfect Saturday plans are to fly to Maine and eat a lobster dinner and fly back wearing agacistore head to toe :)
  • moneeh_This Saturday I'm spending my evening at a weeding with one if y'all's beautiful dress!
  • sanchez1227the perfect saturday would be waking up in florida by the beach and eating the best foods and alot of shopping lol @agaci_store #dreaming
  • saleemaaaaThis Saturday I plan on going to the beaches in Barcelona and spending the night on the beach till I see the sunrise #perfect
  • lindabui_17Perfect Saturday would be date night with my books ! Cause that's definitely what I'll be doing this Saturday night. One step closer to my dream :) everything will pay off ! @agaci_store #datenight
  • graciieb1440@agaci_store my #perfect #Saturday #plans would be waking up in the morning and getting ready to go see my husband after being away 3 months for Army training🇺🇸 (it may not seem like a lot but trust me it sucks not seeing or talking to your husband!) after we would hang out, perhaps go to dinner, and come back home to relax and spend quality time together doing what we love doing best- watching movies or playing video games 📺🎮 and finally just be able to go to bed with him by my side and cuddle all night ❤️ #dreaming
  • trangs2nguyenGoing to Octoberfest in Addison tx than bar hop in uptown dallas. Good friends, good vibes.
  • jordiejorePerfect #saturdy is a date with chantum tatum, we go skating, then Starbucks then we would go play paint ball, then would go to the park talk about everything under the sun and then he drives me home and give him a kiss on the cheek and then my mail reads Agaci, i open it ,and i receive the agaci give away. That's my perfect #saturday.
  • jordiejore#dreaming
  • iiiloveit_12#saturday I am running in the #neonsplashdash 5k in Arlington, Texas and then Sunday I am going to see #theweeknd in concert!!
  • sarah_hollman@agaci_store #dreaming of my perfect #saturday ...going on a vacation with my boyfriend and getting up early to go around whatever town we would be in to go explore all day, eat somewhere really nice that night, then catch a play ✨
  • vintagestar7@agaci_store My perfect #saturday plans are to be at the opening night gala at the symphony in my sparkly black tutu dress and matching heels with someone special. :] #dreaming
  • karlamartiinez@agaci_store My perfect #saturday plans would be going to dinner at Olive Garden with my whole family and enjoying our company together considering that they live in Mexico!!
  • shandar_17My perfect Saturday plan is a spay day with my beasties then hitting the mall and back home for family game night (: #perfection
  • kwillbelovedMy perfect Saturday plan is dinner and a movie then something spontaneous like a late night play date in the park... @agaci_store
  • lorenaaaluisaMy perfect Saturday plan is doing nothing, staying home, and eating, cause I don't party or anything.
  • cynti5@agaci_store My Perfect #Saturday is to go shopping at the mall and have a dinner with my family, and a movie night.
  • agaci_storeCongrats @graciieb1440! Please send an email with your contact info to 😊
  • graciieb1440Omg yay!! @agaci_store thank you!!! 😊😊
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