Making the worst dressed list in Spain! LOVE it!!!
  • theperezhiltonMaking the worst dressed list in Spain! LOVE it!!!

  • juicy_alvyHahaha what's wrong with 'em?! U looks fab! @perezhilton
  • lynette_rosenbachLol. You shouldn't have. You aren't dressed badly, just casual. Nothing wrong with that!
  • cynthiasummer👌Lol
  • deegems@princessdiana3 they judge them by their clothes regardless if their sexy. You can be sexy and dress tacky at the same time
  • dianaprince3No shit But she isnt tacky either.. But i guess to each his own
  • zanummIm from spain, and im sorry, the magazines here sucks! ( except cosmo, vogue, nd glamour) u rock! Nd ur baby too!! Xo
  • chirupsterIf it's from Spain who cares about those bulls killers
  • joshglamstroHahahahaha
  • patsanotePero que tendrás que decir,tonto los cojones @vyro_shuko
  • patsanoteDeja de comer bollos @mrshiddleston
  • elizabethmaxxYou are ALWAYS worst dressed in my opinion. Some people aren't born with fashion sense.
  • esthercarterWho cares about Spain? This land is just good for 2 things: Boys to fuck and cheap alcool. Fashion is in Paris.
  • ese look es para la playa vas genial, si es para otra ocasión ya la cosa cambia xD pero bueno para gustos los colores, as u know! Quitando are great! Saludos desde España ♡ ( la de la derecha lleva estampado de cojin de Ikea OMG) :)
  • vilchez.8@esthercarter you suck!
  • esthercarter@vilchez14 Go take your pills gurl! 👄
  • danterey1973Esthercarter i'm sorry but in spain we have a lot of inyetesting things.and whe are tired of ignorant tourist that comes to drink an make sad how people can be so ignorant.
  • danterey1973Estoy cansado d gente ignorante q habla de otros paises y generaliza.yo no creo q todos los americanos sean unos hipocritas de dobke morsl.nique todos asesinen niños en oriente mefio.creo que habra gente buena y mala como en todos los sitios.suerte a todos y leer un libro d vez en cuando
  • babyspicebagI like that outfit i would defo wear it they just jealous ho's
  • rebecatilve@esthercarter con esa cara como te atreves a discriminarnos???? En España hay estilo y mucho! Viajar y conocer países! Ignorante!
  • esthercarter@rebecatilve keep goin'
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